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Wheel2Wheel television series on an epic journey from Hong Kong to Australia to raise funds for charities premiers on National Geographic Adventure Channel.

You remember Morgan Parker, the investment banker turned philanthropist that traveled 25,000 kilometres from Hong Kong to Australia on a 125 day journey to showcase the work of 10 worthy but not well known charities?

Morgan was accompanied by a film crew on his epic journey, and the first episode of a 10 part series based on Morgan’s Wheel2Wheel adventure aired on the National Geographic Adventure Channel on Sunday 26 August 2012 in 21 countries in Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and New Zealand. Repeats are scheduled for Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

“I’m delighted to share the experiences of my life changing charity adventure and hope it inspires others to support the amazing organizations featured in the series,” Morgan says.

All money raised during the expedition went straight to the charities.

“Our channels present exhilarating stories and thrilling imagery enabling the audience to stretch their limits and understand the real world beyond their borders,” says Simeon Dawes, Fox International Channels’ Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales and Partnerships for APAC and Middle East. 

“Wheel2Wheel’s combination of human exploration and philanthropic endeavour pushes the adventure genre in an exciting new direction.”

Episode 1: Hong Kong

Meet Morgan. Find out what motivates him to undertake this incredible journey and how he prepares for it. Learn about Hong Kong’s horrendous air pollution and what Hong Kong’s Clean Air Network is trying to do about it. There’s a charity concert before departure, and trouble looms at the Chinese border.

Episode 2: China

Things don’t get off to a good start as Morgan encounters his first run in with red tape at the Hong Kong – Chinese border. How does he make it to Guilin, where he meets Gecko, the second charity on his trip? How does he make it to Vietnam? Will the Vietnamese border guards be easier to deal with than those he encountered on his attempt to enter China?

Episode 3: Vietnam

No solo motorcyclist has ever crossed the border from China to Vietnam. What happens when Morgan tries to become the first? Here Morgan gets a first hand look at the brutal and illegal practice of farming moon bears to extract their gall bladder bile for sale and what Animals Asia is doing to try and rehabilitate rescued bears.

To Be Continued Next Week

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