Thailand: Bangkok Hotels Are Tops for Value


Compared with other major cities, hotels in Bangkok, Thailand, offer excellent value. Not only are hotel room rates substantially lower than at hotels in other popular travel destinations. 

Breakfast is also usually included in the price of the hotel room.

 UK based business to business travel wholesaler JacTravel conducted a survey of wholesale hotel room rates for everything from three to five star hotels in seven cities, and hotels in Bangkok were found to offer far and way the best value of the seven cities surveyed.

Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, Rome, and Singapore were the other six travel destinations included in the study.

52% Cheaper Than New York

Five star hotels in Bangkok were found to be 52% cheaper than those in New York, the most expensive travel destination on the list. Four star hotels were 25% cheaper, and three star hotels were an astonishing 77% less expensive.

Looks like the Big Mango offers considerably better value than th Big Apple!

What must be kept in mind is this. Owing to Thailand’s very high design standards and service mentality, even three star hotels can be not only highly functional. They can also be very stylish, as well.

And then there is that Thai attention to detail: the fabulous toiletries and the fragrant insense that add those special touches, even at the less expensive hotels.

According to the Benchmark survey, wholesale room rates for hotels Bangkok in January and February 2014 will run from US$38 per room per night for a double room in a three star hotel, US$138 per room per night for a double room in a four star hotel, and US$174 per room per night for a double room in a five star star hotel.

Before you start packing your bags, however, please keep in mind that these are wholesale and not retail room rates!

Relatively Lower Hotel Rates

“We have seen relatively lower hotel rates in Bangkok for many years but this should not be taken as an indication of quality,” says JacTravel’s President and Chief Commercial Officer Mario Bodini.

“It’s more likely a reflection of the relative strength of Thailand’s economy. Bangkok is a city that really gets tourism and it is famed the world over for its tremendous culture of service and hospitality, with good reason. What you’re seeing here are lower rates and outstanding value for money.”

Malcolm Lindop, JacTravel’s Head of Contracting says: “It’s certainly possible to find hotels at lower rates than the Benchmark, for example where a hotel is in a less central location, where availability is unlimited, or where we have secured seasonal promotions, but it is a very useful reference point. Of course, higher rates may be expected at deluxe, landmark and iconic properties.”

Winter is coming! Maybe it’s time to start planning my next trip to the Big Mango!

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