Thailand Celebrates Chakri Day


Golden Temple in Bangkok, Thailand

Today is Chakri Memorial Day in Thailand. It celebrates the creation of the Chakri Dynasty by King Rama I in Bangkok, the new nationasl capital, in 1782.

He built the Grand Palace, which now houses the Emerald Buddha. He also helped liberate the country from Burmese domination. Known as King Rama IX, King Bhumibol Adulyadej – the current monarch – is the Chakri Dynasty's ninth king.

He is deeply revered by the Thai people. Chakri Day is a public holiday in Thailand. It is marked by religious ceremonies. Members of the Royal Family, government officials, and students take part.

Members of the public also pay their respects to the various monarchs that have played a part in shaping the country by performing meritorious acts. Copyright: Michael Taylor Pictured: the Grand Palace in Bangkok.



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