Top 10 April Fool’s Jokes of All Time!

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Who doesn’t like a good April Fool’s Joke?

And nothing can be better than when you’re not expecting it. According to The Museum of Hoaxes in San Diego, California, the best April Fool’s Hoax of all time took place on 1 April 1957, when the British news show Panorama broadcast a short segment about “an unusually mild winter” that resulted in an unusually robust crop.

I was rather young at the time, but I clearly remember seeing this clip on television – and hearing my father say incredulously, “I didn’t know that spaghetti grew on trees!”

  1. The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest – Britain, 1957
  2. Sidd Finch – United States, 1985
  3. Instant Color TV – Sweden, 1962
  4. The Taco Bell – United States, 1996
  5. San Serriffe – Britain, 1977
  6. Nixon for President – United States, 1992
  7. Alabama Legislature Changes the Value of Pi – United States, 1998
  8. The Left-handed Whopper – United States, year unknown
  9. Hotheaded Naked Ice Borers – United States, 1995
  10. Planetary Alignment Decreases Gravity – Britain, 1976


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