Croatia: Sightseeing in Historic Zagreb


Press Trip Part 5

Travel Writers from Hong Kong and Singapore are taken no a sightseeing trip through Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, by a knowledgeable and witty tour guide. 

Doris Kunkera takes travel writers  from Hong Kong and Singapore on a fascinating tour of Zagreb. She is full of interesting facts and anecdotes bout the city.

We took a tour of the picturesque the city of Zagreb, Croatia, with an English speaking tour guide in the morning.

The Croatian Museum Naïve Art, the Cathedral, Upper Town, and the Museum of Broken Relationships are among the tourist attractions we visited.

Following lunch at Pod Grickim Toporn restaurant, we had the afternoon at leisure. We met our tour guide for dinner at the Vinodo restaurant.


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  1. When new destinations are added by major airlines such as Qatar Airways and Ryanair, to mention a few, the cities experience a huge influx of tourists who love to visit the main attractions of the place. Croatia has very much to offer in terms of city life and sightseeing. Tour operators must be knowledgeable to help the tourist make the most of the experience and enable him/her to visit most of the must-visit places. Your visit to Zagreb seems like it was enjoyable and the picture reminds me of our holiday in Poland with a similar square and similar building facades. Croatia is a tempting destination for our next holiday.

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