Travel Media: Resort Lets You Get Up Close and Personal with an Elephant


Here’s your chance to get up close and personal with an elephant for a day! The Sarojin has launched programme that offers hotel guests an interactive experience with a Thai elephant in the jungles bordering Khao Sok National Park.

The new ‘Elephant Owner for a Day’ adventure gives guests staying at The Sarojin a chance to engage with local elephants and gain insight into ensuring the welfare of healthy and contented elephants in a caring and responsible manner while discovering role they play in Thai culture.

Accompanied by The Sarojin’s knowledgeable and professional guides, guests will shadow elephants from the Sairung Elephant Camp and learn the correct ways of interacting with free-roaming elephants.

Guests will learn how to approach elephants using Thai greetings, general skin care, how to bathe them in the river, their overall digestion, how to feed them, and basic elephant-style riding skills.

Guests will learn the five key signs to identifying a healthy elephant – flapping tail and ears, moisture between their toes, markings on their bodies to indicate a good sleep pattern, the volume of elephant waste, and moisture in their manure.

Swimming With Elephants  

Hotel guests can also take a dip in a jungle lake and swim around their elephant offering it friendly scrubs.

Returning to land, hotel guests will learn how to ride the elephants bareback. Sitting on the necks of heir elepohant they will trek deep into the jungle to view the spectacular scenery located within this area of outstanding natural beauty.

The bareback elephant experience ends at an elephant camp with further interaction with local families before hotel guests bid farewell to their elephants and return in a luxury car to The Sarojin.

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