White Beach, Station One, Boracay, Philippines

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White Beach on the island of Boracay is considered the island’s best beach, and it is divided into three sections: Station One, Station Two, and Station Three.

If White Beach is Station One is considered to be the island’s best beach, Station One is its most exclusive location.

White Beach bit quieter. This is where most of the higher end hotels are located.

Many of the better hotels on Station One offer a complimentary shuttle bus to a nearby shopping complex called D’Mall, an outdoor arcade of sorts full of shops and boutiques selling what you would expect to find on a tropical island.

There are also numerous food and beverage outlets ranging from fast-food joints to a couple of fine-dining restaurants – and everything in between.

This is where I usually dined at dinner during my 10 night stay in Boracay. The three hotels I stayed at all included breakfast and I usually skipped lunch.

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Getting back to the mall, if you would prefer to walk there rather than taking the shuttle, I wouldn’t recommend talking along the road. Instead, take a stroll down the beach. It will take 30 to 45 minutes – longer if you get carried away taking selfies!

And what a stroll it is! You will pass numerous other hotels and guests houses as well as cafes and bars, beach boys building sand castles, itinerant vendors selling everything from suntan lotion to sunglasses, Frisbee players, and that spectacular rock formation jutting into the surf called Willy’s Rock.

Feel free to go barefoot! The sand on White Beach is tightly packed and very cool to walk on – even when the sun is beating down. From Hawaii to Thailand to Bali, I cannot remember ever walking on sand this easy on the feet!


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