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Here I am checking out the spectacular art collection at the St. Regis Singapore.

About Me

Hi! My name is Michael Taylor, I live in Hong Kong, and I’m a self-described Accidental Travel Writer.

I’m a life-long aviation buff, a helpless foodie, a committed oenophile, and an enthusiastic swimmer, cyclist, and Muay Thai practitioner.

I like to read, study foreign languages, and follow sports.

And there’s one more thing I like to do: I like to travel! That’s why I call myself the Accidental Travel Writer. This all just happened by accident. It wasn’t really planned …

Look my shoulder as I explore Hong Kong, wander the world, and root for my favourite teams!

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About My Blog

The Accidental Travel Writer is a global travel blog with an Asian accent. My niche is luxury travel. I focus on Southeast Asia.

Published three days a week, it chronicles my personal travel experiences when I am on the road. When I am not traveling, I focus on what’s happening in Hong Kong.

I review hotels, food and beverage outlets, day spas, sightseeing attractions, travel guides – the list goes on.

New in 2017 is Foodie Friday, a weekly feature that includes  Celebrity Chef interviews, restaurant reviews, and Master Class, in which I ask talented chefs to share their recipes and cooking secrets with me.

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 My Bio

I have a Master’s Degree in English from San Francisco State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Studies from California State University at Eastbay (formerly Hayward).

I taught English as a Second Language for more than 10 years. Then I became a journalist, working full time at newspapers for about six years years.

I have been freelancing  for the last decade and launched my travel blog seven years ago. I have contributed to the following publications: South China Morning Post, Hongkong Standard, Prestige Hong Kong, Asian Hotels and Catering Times, Tiger Tales, Silkroad, CEI, Mix Meetings, and many others.

English is my native tongue. I also speak Mandarin, read and write Chinese, and am proficient in Portuguese.

I was born in Oakland, California. I have also lived in Honolulu, Taipei, New York City, San Francisco, and Macau.  I have spent most of my so-called adult life in Hong Kong.

Call me at (852) 2754-6754 or (852) 6273-4432 for more information!

 Where I’ve Been


I have visited or lived  in the following countries: Brazil, Canada, People’s Republic of China, Croatia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam.

Who My Readers Are

Readership is global in scope, with half of readers living in the United States and Hong Kong. Japan, Singapore, and the UK also account for a significant share.The Philippines, Australia, Thailand, Canada, and Malaysia fill out the top 10.

Last Updated: 7 February 2017

Call me at (852) 2754-6754 or (852) 6273-4432 for more information!

 My Key Stats

Traffic fluctuates. Some of my most popular posts have attracted tens of thousands of hits!

  • Monthly Page Views – 10,203
  • Unique Visitors – 7,531
  • Average Page Views – 1.2
  • Duration – 33 seconds
  • Returning Visits – 13%
  • Bounce Rate  – 87%
  • Alexa Global Rank – 459,330 

Last Updated: 10 October 2016

Call me at (852) 2754-6754 or (852) 6273-4432 for more information!

 My Social Media Platforms

I am very active on social media, especially Facebook, where you will find me interacting with friends and fans all day every day. I am a relative newcomer to Instagram. But I’m learning!

Last Updated: 27 July 2017

Call me at (852) 2754-6754 or (852) 6273-4432 for more information!

 What I Can Do for You

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Here I am in Stockholm Sweden, attending Travel Bloggers Exchange, a.k.a. TBEX, a professional development and networking event for travel bloggers and industry professionals.

The Accidental Travel Writer provides the perfect backdrop against which to promote your travel related product or service. Click on the following links for more information:

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Case Study

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