Top 10 Sports Bars to Root for the Pittsburgh Penguins

Game 6 of the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the San Jose Sharks. Photo Credit: Guy Kawasaki.

National Hockey League

The best spot to root for the Pittsburgh Penguins is PPG Paints Arena. But what about if the Pens are playing on the road? Or what if you can’t get (or afford) tickets at PensArena?

The 2017 Stanley Cup Finals will begin Monday 29 May in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with the Pittsburgh Penguins taking on the Nashville Predators.

The first two games will be played at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh because the Penguins, champions of the NHL Eastern Conference, performed better during the regular-season than the Predators, champions of the NHL Western Conference.

The second and third games of the best of seven Stanley Cup series will be played at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

If needed, the fifth game will be played in Pittsburgh, the sixth game will be played in Nashville, and the seventh game will be played in Pittsburgh.

Stanley Cup Broadcast Schedule

NBC will televise Games 1 and 4 and, if necessary, Games 5, 6, and 7 in the United States. NBCSN will broadcast Games 2 and 3. Sportsnet and TVA Sports will broadcast the entire Stanley Cup Final series across Canada.

All Stanley Cub Final games awill be broadcast by NBC Sports Radio and SiriusXM RadioNHL Network will broadcast up to 68 hours of live programming in both Pittsburgh and Nashville. will offer extensive coverage of the Stanley Cup Finals on line. Media Day will take on Sunday 28 May at PPG Paints Arena.

All games will commence at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time (7 pm Central Time) subject to change.

  • Game 1 – Monday 29 May Nashville at Pittsburgh NBC, CBC, Sportsnet, TVA Sports
  • Game 2 – Wednesday 31 May Nashville at Pittsburgh NBCSN, CBC, Sportsnet, TVA Sports
  • Game 3 – Saturday 3 June Pittsburgh at Nashville NBCSN, CBC, Sportsnet, TVA Sports
  • Game 4 – Monday 5 June Pittsburgh at Nashville NBC, CBC, Sportsnet, TVA Sports
  • Game 5* – Thursday 8 June Nashville at Pittsburgh NBC, CBC, Sportsnet, TVA Sports
  • Game 6* – Sunday 11 June Pittsburgh at Nashville NBC, CBC, Sportsnet, TVA Sports
  • Game 7* – Wednesday 14 June  Nashville at Pittsburgh NBC, CBC, Sportsnet, TVA Sports

*Games 5 though 7 will only be played if necessary.

Watching ice hockey games on television at home is okay, but it’s much more fun to root for the Penguins in the company of other Penguins fans at a sports bar.

A top 10 list of Penguins friendly sports bars in Pittsburgh follows together with a list of sports bars likely to be friendly to Penguins fans in other parts of the country.

Where to Root for the Penguins in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a sports town, and practically any bar in town and many restaurants will have televisions broadcasting the Stanley Cup Finals.

The following food and beverage outlets are either bona fide Pittsburg Penguins fan hangouts or they attract lots of Penguin fans on game day.

1. Souper Bowl – 910 – 5th Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 471-0216.

  • Near PPG Paints Arena, this sports bar is within earshot of the arena. Expect large crowds before and after the game.

2. Red Beards on Sixth – 144 – 6th Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 261- 2324.

3. Cupka’s Café II – 2314 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 432-9691.

4. Buckhead Saloon – 225 West Station Square Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 232-3101.

5. Pete’s Pub – 116 Oakland Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 682-7465

6. William Penn Tavern – 739 Bellefonte Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 621-1000.

7. The BeerHive – 2117 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 904-4502.

9. Birmingham Bridge Tavern – 2901 Sarah Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 381-2739.

10. Piper’s Pub – 1828 East Carson Street, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 381-3977.

Where to Root for the Penguins Outside Pittsburgh

These food and beverage outlets across the United States have attracted Pittsburgh Penguins fans in the past.

Some of them are actually Pittsburgh Steelers hangouts, but they are like to attract Penguin fans during the Stanley Cup finals.

Make sure to call ahead to verify that they will be broadcasting the game.

1. Durkin’s Chicago – 810 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, Illinois. Telephone: (773) 525-2515.

2. Buxy’s Salty Dog – 28th Street Bayside, Ocean City, Maryland. Telephone: (410) 289-0973.

3. Society Sports Bar and Spirits – 1434 Blake Street, Denver, Colorado. Telephone: (720) 465-9830.

4. Tortoise and Hare Bar and Grill – 567 – 23rd Street South, Arlington, Virginia. Telephone: (703) 979-1872.

5. Bub’s @ the Beach – 1030 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, California. Telephone: (858) 270-7269.

6. Cooters Restaurant and Bar -423 Poinsetta Avenue, Clearwater, Florida. Telephone: (727) 462-2668.

7. Hibernia Bar -401 West 50th Street, New York, New York. Telephone: (212) 969-9703.

8. Martino’s on Vine – 2618 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. Telephone: (513) 221-8487.

9. Giordano Bros. All-in-One Sandwiches – 3108 – 16th Street, San Francisco, California. Telephone: (415) 437-2767.

Caveat Emptor

Bars close and fans migrate to new establishments.

A reasonable attempt has been made to make sure that information is accurate, but always call ahead to make sure that games will be broadcast.


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