Top 30 Pittsburgh Penguins Sports Bars

Game 6 of the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the San Jose Sharks. Photo Credit: Guy Kawasaki.

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Best spot to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins is PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh. But what if you can’t get tickets? Or what if the Pens are playing on the road? Check out the best Pittsburgh Penguins bars to watch the Pens in the company of like-minded ice hockey fans. 

Pittsburgh Penguins Team History

The Pittsburgh Penguins are a professional ice hockey team. They play in the Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL).

The Penguins are one of two NHL teams based in Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Flyers represent Philadelphia. The two teams are rivals.

The Pens were founded in 1967. They have won eight division titles, six conference titles, and five Stanley Cups.

The Penguins play home games at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Watching ice hockey games on television at home is okay, but it’s much more fun to root for the Penguins in the company of other Penguins fans at a sports bar.

A top 20 list of Penguins friendly sports bars in Pittsburgh follows together with a list of 10 sports bars friendly to Penguins fans in other parts of the country.

Best Pittsburgh Penguins Bars in Steel City

The following food and beverage outlets in Steel City are either bona fide Pittsburgh Penguins fan hangouts or they attract lots of Penguin fans on game day.

Always call ahead to make sure the game will be broadcast, and ask if the sound will be turned on.

  1. Souper Bowl – 910 – 5th Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 471-0216. – Near PPG Paints Arena, this sports bar is within earshot of the arena. Expect large crowds before and after the game. 
  2. William Penn Tavern – 739 Bellefonte Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 621-1000.
  3. Birmingham Bridge Tavern – 2901 Sarah Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 381-2739.
  4. Red Beards on Sixth – 144 – 6th Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 261- 2324. 
  5. McFadden’s Restaurant & Saloon – 211 North Shore Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Telephone: (412) 322-3470.
  6. Cupka’s Café II – 2314 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 431-9691.
  7. Buckhead Saloon – 225 West Station Square Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 232-3101.
  8. The BeerHive – 2117 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 904-4502.
  9. Piper’s Pub – 1828 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 381-3977.
  10. Carson City Saloon – 1401 East Carsn Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 4813203.
  11. Jerome Bettis’ Grille 36 – 393 North Shore, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 224-6287.
  12. Buford’s Kitchen – 1014 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 281-2583.
  13. Mullen’s Bar & Grill – 200 Federal Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 231-1112.
  14. Primantis Bros. – several locations in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 325-2455 (corporate office).
  15. Bigham Tavern – 321 Bigham Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 431-9313.
  16. City Works – 2 PPG Place, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 448-2900.
  17. Caliente Pizza and Draft House – 225 Commercial Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 784-1010. 
  18. Squirrel Hill Sports Bar5832 Forward Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 422-1001.
  19. Hog’s Head Bar & Grill – 433 Spring Garden Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 251-0439.
  20. Hough’s Taproom & Brewpub   – 563 Greenfiled Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Telephone: (412) 586-5944. 

Best Pittsburgh Penguins Bars Outside Pennsylvania

These food and beverage outlets in other states have attracted Pittsburgh Penguins fans in the past.

Some of them are actual Pittsburgh Penguins hangouts. And others tend to attract many Pens fans on game day.

Make sure to call ahead to verify that they will be broadcasting the game. And don’t forget to ask if they will turn on the sound.

  1. Durkin’s Chicago – 810 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, Illinois. Telephone: (773) 525-2515.
  2. Buxy’s Salty Dog – 28th Street Bayside, Ocean City, Maryland. Telephone: (410) 289-0973.
  3. Society Sports Bar and Spirits – 1434 Blake Street, Denver, Colorado. Telephone: (720) 465-9830.
  4. Bub’s @ the Beach – 1030 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, California. Telephone: (858) 270-7269.
  5. Cooters Restaurant and Bar -423 Poinsetta Avenue, Clearwater, Florida. Telephone: (727) 462-2668.
  6. Hibernia Bar – 401 West 50th Street, New York, New York. Telephone: (212) 969-9703.
  7. Martino’s on Vine – 2618 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. Telephone: (513) 221-8487.
  8. Giordano Bros. All-in-One Sandwiches – 3108 – 16th Street, San Francisco, California. Telephone: (415) 437-2767.
  9. American Sports Saloon – Telephone: (504) 300-1782. – If the Steelers are playing, the bar usually waits until the football game is over before switching to the Penguins.

Word to the Wise

A few of these venues are official Penguins watch bars. That means they will broadcast all Pens games or at least Pens games when the team is playing out of town.

While most of these bars are not official Penguins hangouts, they do tend to attract lots of Pens fans on game day. But many of them don’t turn on until football season ends. In fact, some don’t turn the sound on until late in the season or during the playoffs.

What’s more, fans sometimes migrate to other bars. Sometimes bars close. And sometimes they are booked for special events.

Always call ahead to make sure that the game you want to watch will be broadcast. And don’t forget to ask if there will be sound.

Your Input on Pens Hangouts Wanted

If you have patronized any of the above mentioned Pittsburgh Penguin sports bars, please leave comments (pro or con) in the COMMENT box below.

You can mention the ambiance for fans Steel City, the visibility of TV screens, the quality of the sound, the food, the service – whatever! For example, you might want to mention if any Pittsburgh classic dishes are on the menu.

Also, please let me know if any of these Penguins watch bars have closed – or if Pittsburgh fans are no longer watching Pens games at them.

Your own recommendations on where to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins play ice hockey will also be appreciated! Especially welcome would be Pens-friendly sports bars in other cities!

Where to Buy Pens Fan Gear

This list of the Pittsburgh Penguins sports bars is part of a series of posts on sports bars for fans of NHL teams.



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