Are Hong Kong Commuters “Pushy”??? Check Out Tokyo!!!


If you thought Hong Kong commuters were “pushy”, check out commuters in Japan!!!

This video shows a train arriving. Commuters on the platform wait politely, allowing those on the train to get off first.

So far, so good!

Then the commuters on the platform start to file on to the train in an orderly fashion – until the train carriage appears to be full.

And you won’t believe what happens next!!!

When the carriage appears to be stuffed to the gills, more commuters attempt to push their ways on.

Japan as Number One!

And then professional “pushers” – smartly dressed in well tailored uniforms – fly into action, pushing those last remaining commuters through the doors so that they can close.

Surely, in the pushiness sweepstakes, Japan Is Number One!!!

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My post on 22 July 2011 about a visitor from Australia that wrote a letter to the South China Morning Post criticizing the lack of manners in Hong Kong struck quite a chord.

To read this post, please click on the following link: Aussie Tourist Blasts Hong Kong Manners, Says, ‘I Shall Not Return!’

Copyright: Michael Taylor Video Clip: the Tokyo Subway at rush hour gives new meaning to the term “pushy”!!! Credit: YouTube

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