Aviation: How to Pack Like a Flight Attendant

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Is there a best way to pack clothes? Nobody flies as often as airline pilots and flight attendants, and this easy-to-follow video will show you how they stuff more stuff into their suitcase for wrinkle free clothes!

Welcome Aboard the Accidental Travel Writer!

As much as I like to travel, I hate packing. Thanks to this video, I learned how to cram more stuff into my suitcase and arrive at my destination with fewer wrinkled clothes – and fewer damaged things!

First it seems that I’ve always been doing everything wrong. Second, I’m going to watch this video before going on my next trip. Third, I hope you find it as helpful as I did.

Five Packing Types

London City Airport has identified for packing types. To find out what kind of packer you are, please click on the following link: Aviation: If There Are Five Packing Types, Which Kind Are You?  


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