Aviation: United Launches Nonstop Link between Denver and Tokyo!

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The mayor of Denver, Colorado, has led a delegation of nearly 70 business, tourism, and government officials to Japan aboard the first ever scheduled nonstop flight linking the Mile High City with the Land of the Rising Sun.

United Airlines launched the new route linking Denver with Tokyo on 10 June 2013. It will be operated on a daily basis utilizing Boeing 787 aircraft. It is expected to faciliate trade, tourism, and investment between Colorado and Japan.

“This new nonstop service between Denver and Tokyo will build a new bridge between Colorado and all of Asia, strengthening our global connectivity, and elevating the entire Denver area onto the international stage,” says Mayor Michael B. Hancock says.

“Launching this nonstop flight to Japan will not only create new jobs, stimulate economic growth, and increase foreign investment and trade, it will provide new avenues for tourism, education and cultural exchanges that will enrich both regions for generations to come.”

Jim Compton, United’s Vice Chairman and Chief Revenue Officer, is equally upbeat.

“We share the excitement with the Denver community and want to recognize the efforts of city and state leaders who worked with us to make service to Asia from Denver a reality,” Jim says

“The 787 is a revolutionary aircraft, and our customers are going to love the travel experience it provides.”

Convenient Travel Connections

The new route will offer convenient travel connections at United’s hub at Denver International Airport to more than 18 travel destinations in Asia including Bangkok, Thailand; Hong Kong; Seoul, Korea; and Singapore.

“This new nonstop flight will be a gateway into Colorado for Japan and other Asian countries,” Colorado Govenor John Hickenlooper says.

“Already, Colorado is a top-five dream destination for people in the U.S., and we’d like to make it a top-five dream destination for Japan and throughout Asia. Japan is Colorado’s fourth-largest source of foreign investment, and we want to help companies expand by taking advantage of Colorado’s competitive business environment and highly educated workforce.”  

For Japanese travelers, the new route will offer connections to 126 domestic and international travel destinations at Denver International Airport.

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