Bali Hotels Launch Green Initiative

Waste management, sustainability, and community support – these are some of the issues being proactively addressed by the Bali Hotels Association.

“As one of the world’s top vacation spots, the Indonesian government is forecasting 7.7 million visitors in 2011 in total, up from around 7 million in 2010,” says Jean-Charles Le Coz, president of the Bali Hotels Association.

“This is great, but we have to be mindful of the impact these huge numbers can have on the environment.”

Bali launched a “Say No to Plastic” (SNTP) in 2007. Under the scheme volunteers have assisted in educating and supporting local businesses and the community in their efforts to reduce the use plastic. They have also encouraged people to re-use plastic and to recycle it.

“From the beginning of this year, BHA has also launched its own sustainable initiative: “Say No to Disposable Plastic,” says Bipan Kapur, director of environment of the Bali Hotels Association.

“This initiative is being supported by the 100 BHA member hotels; ‘Green Champions’ from each hotel have been enrolled to drive this initiative in their respective resorts.”

Pictured: traditional rice paddies in Bali, Indonesia Photo Credit: Bali Hotels Association


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