Wheel2Wheel: Morgan Parker Enters Second Leg of Epic Journey for Charity


You remember Morgan Parker! With one month down, the investment banker turned adventure seeking philanthropist is continuing his joy ride through Australasia in his bid to raise money for charity.

Having visited five countries in his first month, Morgan hopes to vist two more in April.

After more than one month on the road, Morgan takes on April with a vengeance as he rides through more of Southeast Asia.  March saw him travel from his base in Hong Kong to China, Vietnam, Laos and Northern Thailand.  His journey began on 1 March 2011 as he rode from the former British Crown Colony across the border at Lok Ma Chao to meet up with GECKO and China’s youth ambassadors for environmental awareness.  

Following that, Morgan continued on into Vietnam to witness the plight of moon bears and the heinous conditions in which their bile is extracted.  He then rode into Laos to work with Child’s Dream to improve education for local children followed by the scenic route in Northern Thailand and finally into Cambodia for a field visit with New Hope, whose mission is to restore hope and dignity through education, health and community building.  

Morgan braved hours of riding in undesirable conditions, trekking through mud, jungles, and border crossings to reach each destination.  Sometimes on the verge of tears but always with a steady mind and focus did he complete his first month’s journey.  

“The first month has been an enlightening experience,” Morgan says. “Being in the field with five of our 10 charitable organizations, I feel validated in the decision and research that went into selecting these organizations. The expedition itself has proved to be as challenging as anticipated with weather, terrain and scheduling playing their part to test my endurance.”  

All Work and No Play?

Not to be accused of “all work and no play,” Morgan played the tourist in China, Laos, and Cambodia to better understand the environment and culture.  He took a ride down the Li River in China and visited a villager’s home for some local cuisine. 

An eco-tour in Laos brought him closer to the jungle and fellow adventurers as he zip-lined from canopy to canopy.  A spiritual journey through the Khmer Rouge sites enlightened Parker to the atrocities Cambodians suffered in recent history.  

The rest of April will see Morgan departing from Cambodia, re-entering Thailand, and passing through Malaysia.  On this leg of his journey, Wheel2Wheel will visit with child orphans infected and affected by HIV and AIDS through their support of Baan Gerda in Thailand and advocate for women’s rights in Malaysia with Women’s Aid Organization.  The end of April will see Morgan encountering his first main water crossing as he travels from Malaysia into Indonesia.  

Wheel2Wheel encourages donations either directly or indirectly via their Own-a-Km campaign.  Each km of the 20,000 km journey can be bought.  All proceeds from the km purchase go directly to the charitable organizations.  For example, for HK$100, buyers can help build schools in impoverished areas as well as help fund other worthy endeavours.  Currently, just over 4,000 km are owned.  

Wheel2Wheel is an innovative independent non-profit organization created to raise awareness and provide financial assistance to brilliant yet under-recognized charitable organizations throughout Australasia.  Wheel2Wheel is a self-funded expedition.  All funds raised go to the 10 nominated charitable organizations.


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