Bangkok: Residents and Tourists Flee Thai Capital as Waters Swell

News Alert

With flood waters expected to course through downtown Bangkok this weekend, a mass exodus is underway in the Thai capital.

Airports, train stations, bus terminals, and highways are all clogged with anxious Bangkokians desperate to get out of town. Foreign residents and tourists are also scrambling to evacuate.

And amid this dire scenario comes this frightening news: Thailand is the world’s largest breeder of crocodiles, and scores of them have reportedly escaped from crocodile farms North of the city.

And there is more to fear than amphibian reptiles.

Flooded communities also need to worry about poisonous snakes and electrocution from submerged power points or dangling power lines. And then there is the problem of polluted water carrying water borne diseases.

Doesn’t sound like a good time to visit the Big Mango.


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