Carolina Barbecue in Vancouver’s Trendy Gastown District: Restaurant Review

A rainy night in Vancouver’s Gastown District. Photo Credit: Peckinpah Carolina Style Barbecue. 

Pacific Northwest Travelogue Part 3

As I wander down Water Street in downtown Vancouver’s trendy Gastown district, I can’t decide what I want for lunch. However, when I get a whiff of something yummy emanating from a cafe, my mind is made up! I’m having Carolina barbecue in Vancouver!

Why I’m in Vancouver

I’m going to visit my nephew, who lives in Seattle, Washington. Since there are no direct flights from where to live, to Seattle, I decide to travel by way of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Before heading to Seattle, I decide to spend a few nights in Vancouver.

Then I will continue to Seattle by train – or so I think. Will there be a surprise waiting for me when I get to the train station?

Vancouver’s Trendy Gastown District

I wasn’t sure what I wanted for lunch as I wandered through downtown Vancouver.

When I stumble across a charming district full of heritage buildings, I think, “This looks promising!”

Renovated red-brick buildings boutiques, bookshops, and art galleries dotted the Gastown district in downtown Vancouver.

It was a sunny early summer’s day, and there was also no shortage of eateries. Tables spilled onto the sidewalks. Diners were feasting on yummy looking dishes. 

As with many of the eateries in the neighborhood, Peckinpah was housed in a beautifully restored brick building on tree-lined Water Street. However,  it wasn’t the architecture that attracted my attention.

It was the whiff of Carolina style barbecue that greeted me as I walked by.

“Now I know what I want for lunch!” I thought. I walked inside and requested a table the window.

The menu ranged from signature smoked meat plates to smoked meat sandwiches. In addition, there were other yummy sounding dishes such as chili, stew, chicken wings, and deep fried pickles.

Carolina Style Barbecue

I opted for the Pulled Pork Sammie (C$10.95), which was described as “slow smoke pulled pork with a dash of chili and vinegar in a brioche bun, topped with coleslaw”.

And I REALLY should learn to read menus more carefully because when the waitress took my order she said I was entitled to one of several “sides”. So I chose the coleslaw. I didn’t realize I was already going to get that in my sandwich.

Should the waitress have pointed that out? I fact, I was very disappointed when my lunch arrived, and I saw all of that coleslaw. 

While the coleslaw was excellent, I could have had a salad or hush puppies or baked beans or a couple of other very yummy sounding choices. Oh, well …

The waitress brought two kinds of Carolina barbecue sauces  to the table. One was a gooey tomato based sauce. The other was a watery vinegar based sauce. Both were made in house, the waitress told me. And both were excellent with just the right amount of “kick”.

Yummy Carolina Style Desserts

For “dessert”, I had a side of corn bread, which I haven’t had in years. And it was oh, so good.

After I finished eating the corn bread, a waiter approached and asked if he could get me any dessert.

“That corn bread was my dessert,” I said.  “Why? What do you have?”

“Deep fried Oreos and ice cream,” he said.

“OMG! Please don’t tempt me!”

My bill, including a local draft, came to C$21.54 (tax and service charge included).

Was it worth it? YES, every last calorie of it!!! I could happily go back for some more of that mouth-watering Carolina barbecue in Vancouver.!

Where to Eat Carolina Barbecue in Vancouver

Peckinpah Carolina Style Barbecue – 2 Water Street, Vancouver, British Columbia. Telephone: (604) 681-5411. 


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