Top 10 American Restaurants in Phuket (Thailand)


Phuket is full of Western restaurants. And some of them serve down-home American chow. If you want to indulge in some American style comfort food, local foodies say these are the best American restaurants in Phuket. But call ahead to make sure they will be open.


Thai Restaurants Offer Direct Delivery

Some popular Thai restaurants offer direct delivery of Thai and Chinese dishes to hungry foodies not wanting to leave home.  While they took the move in response to COVID-19, it has proved so popular it will be extended to other countries in Southeast Asia. Restaurant News Food delivery services have grown increasingly popular in recent …

Introducing Drive-through Groceries in Bangkok


How to Shop in Bangkok A five-star hotel has launched drive-through groceries in Bangkok. The selection includes fresh produce, premium meats, artisanal sauces, freshly baked bread, decadent pastries, and complete meals that only need to be heated up. How It Works Shoppers can place their order on line, by email, or by phone. And they …