COVID-19: Three Years and Counting

business shutting down during covid pandemic

The first known case of COVID-19 was identified in Wuhan, China, in December of 2019. With breathtaking speed, it spread around the world, resulting in an unprecedented global pandemic. As of late October 2022, there had been more than 600,000,000 cases and close to 6,600,000 deaths worldwide. As the world approaches the third anniversary of this inauspicious event, life is returning to normal. Once again, restaurants are full, sporting events have resumed, and travel is returning to pre-pandemic levels as COVID-19 three years and counting

No Clear Direction

students earing facemasks during COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen people go through a series of phases. Although I live in Toronto, Canada, it could very well be a template for people from any part of the world.

First there was the panic as infection numbers skyrocketed at an unimaginable rate. No one was immune. Nowhere was deemed safe.

Then the magic bullet appeared – the vaccine – and a period of calm descended. But the cloud continued to hover. And governments just flailed around with all sorts of suggestions. The “circle the wagons” syndrome kicked in. The borders closed, businesses shut down, schools closed. And even families were told to stay home.

With no clear direction, people were left to beat their chests, smear their faces with ash, and cry out to the heavens “O woe is me” as if they alone were picked out for punishment.

Throwing Caution to the Wind

traveling during COVID-19 requires a facemask

However, as with all natural or man-made disasters, there comes a time when fatigue sets in. And the need to socialize, move, and travel overcomes all inhibitions. And people just throw caution to the wind.

So this was where we had arrived after two years of “confinement”.

In fact, the cause for concern had somewhat abated. And there followed a lemming-like charge to go somewhere. – anywhere!

However, the airports were overwhelmed andunprepared. And, again, they overreacted resulting in missed flights, lost baggage, and people –  even families – sleeping wherever they could find an empty seat.

The COVID-19 monsters had reared their ugly heads – at departure and arrival – the Security Queue Monster and the Quarantine Queue Monster.

Frustration of Restrictions

I can understand the frustration of restrictions caused by the closing of our usual gathering holes, our need to attend sporting events, and, yes, even to hold parties from time to time.

I have done my share of traveling. And like most people, have the travel bug firmly embedded within my psyche . But planes, trains, coaches, and cruise lines are just a few of the options open to the antsy traveler.

All of these are within reach within our own community or city or a short drive out of town. Travel should not be judged based on distance alone. But rather on the opportunity to enlighten our minds and take pleasure in learning new things and experiences.

So unlock your fixed conceptions of what to expect from travel. And your lament will change from ‘O woe is me’ to ‘O wow what a life’!

COVID-19: Three years and counting, will he world ever be the same again:?


Originally from Hong Kong, Majid is a former Journalist. And he now lives in Hong Kong.

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