Paper Moon – Hong Kong Restaurant with a Million Dollar View!


Paper Moon Hong Kong is an Italian restaurant on the Kowloon side of Victoria Harbour. And it has million dollar views of the bustling harbour, the Hong Kong skyline, and the West Kowloon Cultural District. Paper Moon Restaurant Hong Kong is located at the tip of the Ocean Terminal Extension of Harbour City, Hong Kong’s largest shopping mall. And it is within walking distance of the Star Ferry and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The Back Story


A couple of friends had dining vouchers at the Harbour City shopping mall in Hong Kong. They were valued at 50% off. And they were about to expire. Quite generously, my friends said I could decide where we would eat.

As Hong Kong’s largest shopping mall, Harbour City has hundreds of shops, three hotels, a cinema, and more than 100 food and beverage outlets. And roughly 40 of them were participating in the promotion.

So how was I supposed to choose where to eat? More than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of changes had taken place in Hong Kong’s F&B scene. Furthermore, I hadn’t eaten out much over the last two years.

In fact, I had downloaded a list of the participating eateries. But I didn’t really know much about most of them. Unless it was obvious from the name, I wasn’t even sure what kind of cuisine many of them served. And I didn’t really feel like combing through dozens of restaurant reviews.

Plus the fact, I’m into serendipity. In other words, I prefer to leave things to chance. And that means trusting my own instincts instead of making my dining out decisions based on the opinions of others.

Treasure Hunt

So while one of my friends went bargain-hunting for shoes, the other friend and I set off in search of a place to eat. While we had both already eaten at some of the restaurants and cafes in the mall, we were also hoping to try a place we had never been to before.

It really did turn into something of a treasure hunt as we explored the massive shopping emporium, which can be easy to get lost in. And most of the restaurants we passed didn’t display a sign indicating participation in the scheme.

If all else failed, we could always eat at Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill, a popular American chain restaurant. But it has been around for decades. And I was hoping to try someplace that wasn’t tried and true.

Along the way were several “maybes”, which we could return to if nothing better turned up. But nothing seemed to strike the right chord until we reached the very tip of the Ocean Terminal extension of Harbour City.

Restaurant Overview


Paper Moon Hong Kong is an Italian restaurant, which is part of a global chain. In fact, there are other Paper Moon restaurants in Milan, Italy, as well as the Algarve, Portugal; Bodrum, Turkey; Doha, Qatar; Goa, India; and Istanbul, Turkey.

Paper Moon sits at the very tip of the Ocean Terminal section of Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon Peninsula. And this is where many of the ocean liners visiting Hong Kong dock.

Regarding the restaurant, it has both indoor and outdoor dining spaces. Most importantly, the spacious outdoor terrace affords panoramic views of Victoria Harbour, the Hong Kong skyline, and the West Kowloon Cultural District.

Paper Moon Hong Kong Menu

Paper Moon Hong Kong serves Italian cuisine. And the menu runs from antipasti to soups, salads, and pastas as well as grilled meats and seafood, vegetables, and desserts.

Our Meal 


Because we had had Afternoon Tea at SAVVY, another restaurant in Harbour City, none of us was very hungry. In other words, we were not in the mood for a multi-course meal. However, between the three of us, we consumed the equivalent of a four-course meal for a hungry diner..

One of my dining companions ordered Chickpea Soup (not pictured, HK$118, US$15), which would have made an appropriate first course. And the other ordered a Shrimp Salad (pictured, HK$288, US$29), which would have made a good second course.


As for me, I had the biggest appetite. So I ordered a main course, the Ossobuco di Vitello con risotto alla Milanese. And it came with homemade pappardelle with smoked beef bacon in tomato cream sauce (HK$328, US$ 42).

The veal was tender and succulent. And the risotto had a strong cheesy taste.

I was the only one ordering wine as my dining companions are teetotalers. I ordered a glass of Blowfish Cabernet Sauvignon (HK$88, US$11.25). And it was excellent.


Two of us shared an order of Tiramisu for dessert (HK$128, US$16.25). It was rich and creamy. And I washed it down with a double espresso (HK$68, US$8.75).

The Ambiance


Paper Moon Hong Kong has an indoor dining room and an outdoor terrace. And the indoor dining room has a single row of tables set along floor to ceiling windows.

As for the outdoor terrace, it has two rows of tables, with excellent views of the harbour. There are large umbrellas overhead. And large fans cool diners during the steamy summer months.

Regarding the service, it was not intrusive. So we were able to relax, converse, enjoy the view, and take lots of photos without feeling rushed.

And I was impressed that all of us were served our dishes simultaneously, something that does not always happen in Hong Kong.

The Verdict


The setting was drop-dead spectacular. And that alone would bring me back. In fact, Paper Moon Hong Kong is where I would want to bring out-of-town visitors in order to show off Hong Kong’s breathtaking skyline and bustling harbour.

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Restaurant Location

Paper Moon Hong Kong – Shop OTE 301, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong. Telephone: (852)  2156-2256.

Paper Moon Restaurant Hong Kong is located in the Ocean Terminal section of Harbour City. In fact, it is within walking distance of the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Terminal and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. However, the walk to the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station is a bit of a hike.


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