China: Outbound Travelers Make 83 Million Trips Overseas in 2012

Travel Survey

Travelers from China have overtaken the United States and Germany as the number one source of outbound travel, making 83 million trips overseas in 2013, the second annual Chinese International Travel Monitor reveals.

The report was published by hotel booking website

According to the report, leisure travel accounted for 63% of trips across international borders in 2012. Nearly two thirds, or 62%, of Chinese travelers said they prefered traveling independently to traveling in tour groups.

Most popular activities included sightseeing (75%), dining out (65%), and shopping (51%). Chinese tourists were especially fond of shopping for luxury brand products in the United States and Europe.

Chinese Language Support Wanted

With the growing number of Chinese travelers traveling abroad, hoteliers would be well advised to consider beefing up their services in both written and spoken Chinese.

Fully three-fourths of Chinese travelers would like hotels to provide welcome materials, websites, TV programming, and newspapers in Chinese.

A further 42% of Chinese travelers said they would like hotels to hire more Mandarin speaking staff.

There was no mention of Chinese food, but I have a feeling that many Chinese travelers would appreciate the addition of Chinese dishes to hotel restaurant menus, as well. That is assuming, of course, that it was cooked by Chinese chefs.


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