Top 10 Most Popular Swedish Restaurants in Stockholm, Sweden


Tradition Vasatan, a restaurant serving traditional Swedish fare in the Gamla Stan section of Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholm Restaurants

When Swedes want to dine out, they tend to favour international fare: Thai, Chinese, French, Italian, Mexican, and American restaurants, cafes, bistros, brasseries, and bars and grills are all highly popular in Sweden.

When Swedes have a craving for Swedish food, they don’t usually go out to eat. They tend to go to their grandmother’s house. Where else would you find the best home cooked meals, using the best and refreshed ingredients?

According to a local foodie, Swedish restaurants in Stockholm tend to cater mostly to foreign tourists, who generally don’t have access to home-cooked meals the way locals do.

The food critics have their favourtie Swedish restaurants, and average diners have theirs.

Here is a top 10 list of the 10 most popular Swedish restaurants according to readers of TripAdvisor.

Where to Eat Swedish Food in Stockholm

1. Nalen Restaurang, Regeringsgatan 74, Stockholm, Sweden. Telephone: +46 8 505 292 01.

“If you are looking for food that tastes great for a decent price in the middle of the city, look no further. Nalen has a good choice of semi-typical Swedish food that is arranged beautifully to a very satisfying meal. You are going to enjoy every bite of it. Service is good and prices are good.” – SanjaAbroad, Leiden, the Netherlands.

2. Tradition Vasastan, Tulegatan 10, Stockholm, Sweden. Telephone: +46 8 684 295 25.

“Great Swedish restaurant , service was excellent. we had the meat balls, the black pudding, prime ribs, tarter, the fried herring, everything was delicious. It is pricy but everything is pricy is Sweden as expected, we have had other meals not as good for the price we paid here. so well worth a visit.” – Laney W, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States.

3. Slingerbulten, Stora Nygatan 24, Stockholm, Sweden. Telephone: +46 (8) 10 76 22.

“Very charming, small restaurant with delicious food. Gets crowded. The service is really friendly, although a bit slow. Totally recommended!!!” – Zumodelsur, Granada, Spain.

4. Fem Sma Hus, Nygrand 10, Stockholm, Sweden. Telephone: +46 8 10 87 75.

“Had a great meal in this unusual underground restaurant. Great décor and loved how the restaurant is split into different rooms, at different levels. Waiter was charming and couldn’t do enough to help. Happy to make recommendations. Had gravadlax followed by veal and Swedish meatballs, which were all delicious.” – Steveharland1, London, England.

5. Pelikan, Blekingegatan 40, Stockholm, Sweden. Telephone: +46 8 556 090 90.

“A huge beer hall kind of restaurant, filled with noisy happy eaters and drinkers. Large rooms filled to the brim with booths and tables and diners. I arrived without a reservation, and was happily seated in the bar, where the noise level was at a slight roar. Had a very satisfactory lamb roast dinner with some potatoes and spectacular carrots. But the amber beer was to die for. Icy cold and delicious. Despite the crowds, my service was excellent, and I couldn’t have been happier with the experience.” – Gotboxr, Los Angeles, California, United States.

6. Bla Dorren, Sodermalmstorg 6, Stockholm, Sweden. Telephone: +46 08 743 0 743

“We were looking for some Swedish food and choose this bar/restaurant. Place was packed, which appeared to be logical: Good quality food for a very reasonable price. The 3 of us had 2 courses and a few beers each for 1100 SK. Several Swedish choices on the menu. Food quality was good.” – FlyingDutchmann1, Netherlands.

7. Prinsen, Mastersamuelsgatan 4, Stockholm, Sweden. Telephone: +46 08-611-13-3.

“Prinsen is known for its excellent traditional Swedish menu. The meatballs are the best I have had in Sweden (or anywhere else for that matter). They are very popular and therefore crowded. Unfortunately, the efficiency of the service needs significant improvement. They simply need more servers in this busy dining room.” – Greg H, Santa Ana, California, United States.

8. Wardshuset Ulla Winbladh, Rosendalsvagen 8, Stockholm, Sweden. Telephone: +46 08-663-05-71.

“After visiting the Skansen and Vasa museum, we had the best seafood and traditional swedish meatball that were decently priced in a cozy, natural environment. Eating here is like an accidental trip down memory lane into somewhere 1930s that’s strangely familiar and surreal. Great place to visit after seeing the Skansen time machine.” – NvrWhere, Redondo Beach, California, United States.

9. Den Gyldene Freden, Osterlanggatan 51, Stockholm, Sweden. Telephone: +46 8 24 97 60.

“This is apparently the longest continuing operational pub in Europe (?world), at least that is what the server said, others older but not continuous in operation. Who cares as food was really good. ZHad the daily meal: sausage and it was great. homemade. Nice spices, not “hot” just nice “meaty” flavors. Nice texture as no big chunks of whatever were ever sampled. Mashed potatoes had lots of butter! Coffee was intense but very smooth. Server fabulous.” – Mike A, Portland, Oregon, United States.

10. Restaurang Tranan, Karlbergsvagen 14, Stockholm, Sweden. Telephone:  +46 8 52728100.

“After eating at tourist places, we wanted to try a real Swedish restaurant that caters to locals and that’s how we ended up here. It was crowded and cozy, and the wait staff was attentive. The menu had several choices for seafood and meat. They brought delicious bread and butter to the table. Dinner was very good. I tried a gin, lingonberry and lemon cocktail. We got fried shrimp with aioli to share, fried herring in browned butter with potato purée, and whole fish with butter, beets and tiny potatoes.” – Hpriony, New York, New York.


Do you agree with these recommendations? Can you recommend a good Swedish restaurant in Stockholm? If so, please leave a comment in the comment box.

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