Cinema: Movie to Explore the Making of Dreams in Hong Kong


Chivas 18 has teamed up with Hong Kong Film Director Heiward Mak to produce a film entitled Dream City, which will explore how dreams are made in Hong Kong. It will be set at Woo Bar at the W Hotel in West Kowloon.

The initiative is aimed at heralding “a new era of Hong Kong movies that puts the spotlight firmly back on Hong Kong,” a press release issued by Chivas 18 says.

“This ground-breaking initiative will truly touch both movie lovers and a wider Hong Kong audience, igniting interesting debate on the pursuit of dreams and encouraging reflection on the attainment of one’s own passions,” says Chivas Brand Ambassador Darren Hosie.

Resonating with Hong Kong Audiences

“We are excited to kick off this initiative in Hong Kong and look forward to expanding it to other markets.”

Heiward is equally upbeat.

“Like Chivas, I hope to create a story that resonates with Hong Kong audiences,” she says.

“I am thrilled to be part of this initiative and to have the opportunity to create something that will be meaningful to the people of Hong Kong. I want to tell a story that inspires people to pursue their dreams but also consider what they can give back to society. This is something that anyone can make the choice to do.”

Sounds like an interesting marketing ploy, if you ask me. I’ll be curious to see how prominently Chivas 18 figures in movie.


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