My First Trip to Hawai’i: Collecting Sunsets

First of a Series

I started collecting sunsets in the run up to my 18th birthday.

Upon graduation from high school, I got a part time job and started putting myself through college.

I was very frugal, and – after several months – I realized that I had accumulated enough cash to spend the summer in Hawaii.

Five weeks of it, at least.

In those days, under 20s could fly half price if they were willing to go standby. So I bought myself a round-trip ticket to the islands. It only cost US$150. I would spend the first four nights in Hilo, four weeks in Honolulu, and my last three nights on Maui.

To Be Continued

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Copyright: Michael Taylor Pictured: Hawaiian sunset Photo Credit: Lee Aeder  Courtesy of the Hawaiian Tourism Authority

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