First Snow Polo Tournament Held in Tianjin, China

_Hong_Kong_Goldin_(in_red)_and_Team_France_(in_blue)_competed_in_the_3rd_4th_play-off_of_Asias_first_Snow_Polo_Challenge_at_Metropolitan_Polo_Club_Tianjin[1] Team England won Asia's first ever Snow Polo tournament in Tianjin, China.

The tournament was held at the newly launched Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club, which is located on the outskirts of the city, which is 30 minutes by high speed rail from Beijing.

Team England triumphed 7:6 in the four-chukka final match of the Goldin International Snow Polo Challenge on February 20 against Team Argentina at China's largest polo club.

The first chukka of the game was close with both teams level at one goal each. Team Argentina nudged 2:1 ahead before half time.

In the earlier third and fourth place playoff, Team France defeated hosts Team Hong Kong Goldin in a closely contested battle, with the final score 9:7.

Most Valuable Player Award went to Santiago Gaztambide from Team Argentina. Best pony award went to Hazard.

Who's Who of World Polo

Six national teams took part in the tournament: Argentina, Australia, England France, New Zealand, and hosts Team Hong Kong Goldin.

Among international polo dignitaries attending were Harald Link, President of the Southeast Asian Equestrian Association; John Tinsley, the Director of Hurlingham Polo Association; Gordon Gibson, President of the New Zealand Polo Association; and Howard Hipwood, Hurlingham Polo Association Adjudicator and former England National Team Captain, who was also manager for Team England. "I am delighted that this tournament attracted much attention around the world, and excited and thrilled so many people,” says Pan Sutong, chairman of Hong Kong-listed Goldin Properties Holdings Limited.

“Our thanks go to all the participating polo teams, officials from the polo community, our sponsors and our special guests for their invaluable support, I am confident that this will become a major event on China's winter sports calendar.

Metropolitan Polo Club

Metropolitan Polo Club features state-of-the-art facilities including two international-sized polo fields and stabling for 150 horses, training facilities, riding school and a prestigious Clubhouse.

"Through events and tournaments hosted at Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club, we hope to play a part in making Tianjin a landmark destination, and contribute to its overall progress towards its deserved status as an international city."

Pictured: Asia's first snow polo championship game in Tianjin, China Photo Credit: Goldin Properties Holdings Limited


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