Foshan: Bruce Lee Paradise, Ancentral Home of the King of Kung Fu

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A village in the rural countryside of Guangdong province is the ancestral home of action actor Bruce Lee. At the site, a park has been built with heritage architecture, a lake, bicycle paths, and a children’s amusement park.

Bruce Lee Paradise is a sprawling park built in tribute to the legendary King of Kung Fu. It is located in rural Guangdong province.

From the outside, Bruce Lee Paradise looks pretty nondescript. The entrance really does need a complete makeover.

If we hadn’t spent more than an hour to get there, we would have been tempted to give the place a miss.

But once we walked through the gate, we were glad we came.

Giant Statue of Bruce Lee

The first thing you see in the distance is a giant statue of Bruce Lee himself (pictured above).

Then you notice the giant calligraphy  carved into the hillside to the left. After that you see the elegant traditional Chinese buildings to your right, with their stunningly beautiful stained glass windows.

Clustered about open courtyards, these structures house simple displays about Bruce Lee in particular and marshal arts in general.

If you’re lucky, you might even run into some young marshal artists practising their craft. Classes are held there five days a week.

What to Do

There is a lovely lake with an island in the centre together with a small children’s amusement park that has rides.

You can rent bicycles and boats to enjoy the scenery, and the setting really is lovely.

We spent 75 minutes at Bruce Lee Paradise. If we had it to do over again, we would have alloted three hours so that we could have gone bicycling and taken a boat ride.

This is the kind of spot you want to wander about at your leisure rather than rushing through it.

Other than a stand selling packaged snacks and soft drinks that didn’t look very cold, there are no food and beverage outlets so don’t go at meal time unless you plan on bringing your own food. A picnic lunch would be perfect.

Insider’s Tip

If Cantonese food is supposed to be China’s greatest cuisine, Shunde is supposed to have the best food in Guangdong Province.

So you might want to include lunch before your visit or dinner after your visit at one of the city’s restaurants or cafes.

How to Get There

Bruce Lee Paradise is located in Shun De, which is technically a part of Foshan, China. It took us about 70 to 75 minutes to get there from our hotel, Swissotel Foshan, which is a five star hotel located in the heart of Foshan, China. We went there by private car.

Looking at the map, Bruce Lee Paradise appears to be about half way between Jiangmen and Zhongshan. So it could also be visited if you are traveling to either one of those cities.


Bruce Lee Paradise, Shapu Road, Junán, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China Telephone: (86) 0757 2550 8813; 2550 8822


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