Foshan: Picnics and Barbecues at Bruce Lee Paradise

Bruce Lee Paradise is a sprawling park that has been created around the ancestral home of marshal arts movie icon Bruce Lee.

What to Do

There is a lovely lake with an island in the centre (pictured above). You can rent bicycles and boats to enjoy the scenery, and the setting really is lovely.

With the exception of a kiosk selling packaged snacks and soft drinks that aren’t very well chilled, there are no food and beverage outlets at Bruce Lee Paradise.

Which isn’t really a problem. The best way to enjoy the park is to bring either a picnic lunch or have a barbecue there. The park has, in fact, a zone where you can have barbecues.

How to Get There

Bruce Lee Paradise is located in Shun De, which is technically a part of Foshan. It took us about 70 to 75 minutes to get there from our hotel, Swissotel Foshan, which is a five star hotel located in the heart of Foshan, China. We went there by private car.

Looking at the map, Bruce Lee Paradise appears to be about half way between Jiangmen and Zhongshan. So it could also be visited if you are traveling to either one of those cities.

Address: Shapu Road, Junán, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China Telephone: (86) 0757 2550 8813; 2550 8822

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