My First Trip to Hawai’i: Here Today, Gone to Maui!

Seventh in a Series

Maui was neither like the Big Island, which was lush and tropical, nor Oahu, which was overrun with tourists. The newly opened Sheraton was build along a massive outcropping of black lava that faced the sea.

I remember being driven up a road and exiting at the top, where the lobby was located. Rooms cascaded down the front of the rock formation to the beach. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Each room had a balcony – or lanai, as they are called in Hawaii – with flowers dripping off the front. I have no idea how I could have afforded to stay in such a lovely place at age 18!

Maui had yet to be discovered by the Jet Set so I can honestly say, “I remember when …” There were only a small handful of hotels along Kaanapali Beach, but – despite its beauty – I found it a bit boring after the Waikiki.

I went into the old whaling port of Lahaina for dinner one night, but it was a bit pricey for my budget. I would have been every bit as happy with a plate lunch – and a few dollars richer!

To Be Continued

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