Hong Kong: Kowloon Hotels Launch Free Phone Calls with Handy Smartphones

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More and more hotels are offering complimentary and unlimited local and IDD phone calls, 3G connectivity, and Wi-Fi tethering throughout Hong Kong. A 5 star hotel in Kowloon is the latest property to add the service.

Langham Place, Mongkok, and Eaton Hong Kong have launched complimentary and unlimited local and IDD phone calls during a hotel guest’s stay. It also provides 3G data connectivity and Wi-Fi tethering throughout Hong Kong.

Next to being charged outrageous prices for snacking from the mini bar and logging unto the Internet, paying ridiculously high prices to make local phone calls is one of the top pet peeves of many hotel guests.

And now, not only are local phone calls free – the same goes for international phone calls, as well, to the following countries: Australia, Britain, China, Singapore, and the United States.

Not only that, you don’t have to be in your hotel room to make it happen!

Here’s How It Works

Hotel guests are issued a Handy Smartphone when they check in at the Langham Place Mongkok, Hong Kong.

The device comes pre-loaded with several applications such as social media platforms, news services, a video and camera function, a currency converter, MTR train location maps, and tips on what to see, where to shop, and where to eat.

There are interactive maps and a Hong Kong city guide as well as information on events, restaurant recommendations, discounts – the list goes on.

“With the new handy phones in all our guest rooms, we are able to enhance our guest experience, in order for them to stay connected and access essential information anytime whilst they breeze around the city,’ says Shaun Campbell, General Manager of Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong.

“Guests can take photos and videos on the handy, easily transfer them to their own devices before they leave, and all data will be cleared the moment a guest checks out, with a new number and fresh start for every new guest that checks in. It’s the way forward.”

Eaton Joins the Club

A hop, skip, and a jump from Langham Place Mongkok, Hong Kong, the Eaton Hong Kong has also launched a complimentary Smartphone Service.
Effective August 2015, the service is free to all guests at the hotel’s 465 rooms. It offers unlimited 3G data, wi-fi sharing and free local and international calls to Australia, Britain, China, Singapore, and the United States on an entirely complimentary basis.

Also loaded on the phone are helpful travel applications including a currency converter, Google maps, MTR maps, and city guides featuring shopping, sightseeing and eating hotspots.

Users can also customise their smartphone by downloading other applications from the Google Play store to suit their own needs.

“The addition of this free-to-use smartphone as a multi-functional travel companion is just another way in which we want to help our residents get the most of their time in Hong Kong while allowing them to stay connected with home at the same time,” says Shane Pateman, General Manager of the Eaton, Hong Kong.

First Mover Advantage

The Langham Place and the Eaton are not the only hotels – nor are they  the first hotels – in Hong Kong to offer such a service.

The Mira, which is located in Kowloon’s trendy Tsim Sha Tsui district – launched a similar service exactly 2 years ago in August 2013. It was the first hotel in the region to do so.

The Mira’s device offers free IDD calls to 25 countiries (both landlines and mobile), free local calls, and Wi-Fi tethering throughout Hong Kong. It also comes pre-loaded with several apps such as an in-room dining menu and a concierge connection.

“Plenty of hotels in Hong Kong and Singapore have this feature now, but we were the FIRST to launch such service in Asia-Pacific,” a spokesman for the hotel says.

“Different hotels will have different functionalities included in the package, i.e. no Wi-Fi tethering at the W Hong Kong, or only 10 countries of IDD calls at the Luxe Manor, etc.”


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  1. WiFi facility are available almost in every five star hotel. This is the good one that any body can call with their mobile without any extra charges.

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