Hong Kong: Mouth-watering Tacos at Bargain Basement Prices

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Mexican food is belatedly becoming popular in Hong Kong, and one of the city’s trendiest hotels is getting in on the act with a Tiki Taco Tuesday promotion. Will it impress a couple of die-hard taco junkies?

Vibes is an open air courtyard lounge at The Mira Hong Kong. In keeping with the growing popularity of Mexican food in Hong Kong, the outdoor lounge has launched Tiki Taco Tuesday. So what’s the verdict?

Think of it as Waikiki meets Baja California! How else would you describe a food promotion that pairs rum-based tropical cocktails with mouth-watering tacos?

And these tacos are delicious! Think: Pulled Pork Belly Soft Tacos, Grilled Shrimp with Tequila and Cajun Tacos, and Fried Chicken and Roasted Bell Pepper with Feta Cheese Tacos!

Traditional? Hard to say. The thing about tacos is that they are a bit like sandwiches except they are made with tortillas rather than bread. In other words …

Different people – and that includes restaurant chefs – put different things inside. All I can say is, they taste great!

And not only are there 3 different types of meat, the other ingredients are different, as well. So you definitely want to try all 3. You would definitely want to go with at least 2 other people.

AND … in city that has suddenly – and somewhat belatedly – discovered Mexican food … and where the price of Mexican food can be downight obscene (even at fast food joints) … it is SERIOUSLY refreshing to check out the prices on the menu!

Two massive (and tasty) tacos for HK$98? Are they serious???

A year or so ago, I stopped at the now defunct Sociolito on Hollywood Road on Hong Kong Island. For the same price I got 2 “tostaditos” (translation: mini tostadas (which are, basically, flat or open faced tacos) ).

The tortillas used to make the tostaditos were the size of Pringles (I am NOT exaggerating), and they were topped with some over-salted, over-seasoned meat and a smidgen of guacamole that appeared to have been applied with a miniature cake decorator.

Tacos are usually made with corn tortillas, but they can also be made with flour tortillas, and the tacos served at Tiki Taco Tuesday were made with flour tortillas. As you know, flour tortillas are substantially larger than corn tortillas.

So they are essentially as large as burritos (which are ALWAYS made with flour torrillas) except one is folded over and one is left open rather than rolled.

Mexican food has a reputation for being spicy, but true Mexican food comes out of the kitchen well seasoned but not hot (as in spicy hot). The heat is added at the table (or a salsa bar) because each person likes a different amount.

These tacos are seasoned just right, which means that many people – such as yours truly – would have like to spice them up a bit with some fiery salsa. Unfortunately, none is available except for Tabasco Sauce, and I refuse to put Tabasco Sauce on tacos.

The Drinks

Four rum based cocktails complete the special menu: Sexy Colada (served in a pineapple), Bali Hai, Sensuous Tiki Daiquiri, and Waikiki Love. They are HK$118 except for the Sexy Colada, which is HK$198.

Needless to say, a full menu of standard and signature cocktails as well as fine wines is also available.

The Venue

Vibes is an outdoor roof garden located on the 5th floor of The Mira on Nathan Road in the heart of Kowloon’s touristy Tsim Sha Tsui district.

There are lotus shaped open fires (which, thankfully, have not been lit on this sultry mid-summer’s eve), running waterways, frangipani trees (known as plumeria trees in Hawaii), bamboo groves, cabanas accommodating up to 7 people – the list goes on.

There are live DJs Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday nights and an Arabic Night with a lilve belly dancer on Thursday nights.

Vibes is one of 6 food and beverage outlets at The Mira. One down, 5 to go!


Vibes, 5th Floor, The Mira Hong Kong, 118 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Telephone: (852) 2368-1111. Website: The Mira Hong Kong

The hotel is adjacent to an entrance of the Tsimshatsui MTR station. Canton Road can be reached on foot.

Hung Hom Station, Kowloon Station, the Star Ferry, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Mongkok, and other points on the Kowloon Peninsula are all a short taxi ride away.


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