Hotel Review: Regent Suvarnabhumi (Near Bangkok International Airport)

Located about 10 minutes from Bangkok International Airport, Regent Suvarnabhumi has 144 rooms in two nine-storey towers. It has a cafe, a spa, and a laundromat, and it offers a complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport.

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Amazing Thailand

I ended a four-week trip to Thailand the same way I started it: spending the night at an inexpensive hotel located a short drive from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

The reason why I spent the first night at such a hotel was because I was arriving well past midnight and didn’t want to waste money on a room that I was only going to spend a few hours in.

The reason why I spent the last night at such a hotel was because I didn’t want to check out of a nice hotel immediately following breakfast and rush to the airport.

I wanted to get the most out of the Marriott Marquis Bangkok Queen’s Park so I arranged a late check out, had dinner in town, and then took a taxi to this simple, but very comfortable hotel a short drive from the airport.

The Lobby …

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The Lobby – was

Soft drinks, bottled water, beer, and a few snacks were on sale in the lobby at one end.

If there was no instant coffee or teabags in the room, you could make tea and coffee at the other end of the lobby.

My Room …


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My Room – I stayed in room 2709, which was on the seventh floor, and it was actually larger than some of the four and five star hotels I had stayed at on this trip, but certainly not as tastefully decorated.

Still, it was both clean and comfortable.

There was a double bed, a spacious work station, lots of closet space, a vanity, a leatherette sofa, a coffee table, and a flat screen television. Wi–fi was complimentary.

Best of all, because my roomwas a corner unit, there were windows on two walls.

The Bathroom …

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The Bathroom – the bathroom was small. Nonetheless, it had a proper shower, which you can’t always expect at hotels of this standard in Asia.

The Kitchen …

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The Kitchen – forget mini mini bars, my room had a kitchen with a much larger refrigerator than at any of the four or five star hotels I stayed at on this trip.

There was also more cabinetry and counter space than my 700-square–foot flat in Hong Kong has!

The only thing lacking was a microwave. If it had one, I can imagine spending a few nights there.

Surprisingly, while it did have a hot water kettle, there wasn’t any instant coffee or tea bags. These were available in the lobby, which I only discovered as I was checking out.

Best of all, there was a small balcony. It didn’t have a table or chairs so I can only assume it was for smokers.

Nevertheless, it was nice to be able to walk outside for some fresh air.

The Facilities …

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The Facilities – the hotel had a cafe. Since breakfast wasn’t included in my room rate, I decided to go without.

I was flying business class back to Hong Kong so I figured I could eat in the business class lounge at the airport.

There was also a spa, with prices that were comparable to day spas in Bangkok. I bought a bottled beer, took it to the spa, and treated myself to a foot massage, which was quite satisfactory.

The hotel also had a self-service laundromat.

The Location …

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I arrived at the hotel after dark, but I almost wish I had arrived earlier so I could have explored the neighborhood.

Apparently there was a shopping mall within a short walking distance of the hotel as well as a temple and some reptiles farms.

There was a binder on the front desk with nearby “tourist attractions”.

The Verdict …

I kind of like staying at places that are off the beaten tourism track, and this was definitely one such place.

It was kind of like the King One Apartment, where I spent my first partial night on my arrival in Thailand four weeks earlier.

The main differences were …

  • The staff at the first hotel were friendlier.
  • The room at this hotel was larger and more nicely furnished.
  • The immediate neighborhood that the first hotel was situated in was more interesting had mini marts, cafes, and street vendors in the immediate neighborhood.
  • If I had more time to do some sightseeing, this hotel might have had more to offer.

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Regent Suvarnabhumi – 30/1, 32/1 Soi Latkrabang 22, Latkrabang Road, Latkrabang, Bangkok, Thailand. Tel: +66 (0) 2 346-4400.


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