Hotels & Resorts: A Few Pet Peeves (Part II)

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As a travel blogger,  Michael Taylor often gets to stay at sumptuous hotels and resorts. But as aesthetically pleasing as some of these properties might be, they often have too much ‘Wow!’ factor – and not enough convenience.

I really do hate rooms with too much of what I like to call ‘Wow!’ factor.

You know what I am talking about! I am assuming, of course, that you frequent the type of five star hotels and resorts that I do.

If you do not, let me explain. You walk through the door of your room at what seems to be a really fabulous hotel or resort, you take one look, and you go, “Wow!”

After you uppack, however, you start to realize that the person who came up with this drop dead gorgeous space was only concerned about photo shoots.

The sofa, which is covered in beautiful Thai silk, is not the least bit comfortable. It looks great photos, but it is not deep enough to accommodate an average sized adult.

The massive TV screen doesn’t face any of the seating. There is no place to put your things after you unpack. The door makes a load noise when it automatically slams shut.

Inconvenient Electrical Outlets

How many time have I had to get down on my hands and knees and crawl under a bulky desk to plug in my computer? Not fun!

At a couple of hotels I have actually had to get on my hand and knees to plug in the coffee maker! There was no counter to place it on, and I had to place it on a tray on the floor in front of the television!

The interior designer obviously did not stop to think, “What are people actually going to do here?” I mean, do I really want a bathtub in the middle of my living room? And if you’ve got a library with hundreds of DVDs for me to watch, why didn’t you put the TV in front of the sofa?

I do find it rather annoying when I’m in a villa that’s bigger than my 700 square foot flat in Hong Kong and it doesn’t have a dedicated spot for me to eat at – especially when in room dining is encouraged.

But some hotels DO get it right, as the picture above demonstrates. The mini bar is set in an alcove, with adequate counter space to prepare snacks and beverages. 

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