IT Social Media: The Big Blog Exchange Attracts 4 Million Page Views

Travel Blogger Match-up Part Six

While Michael Taylor is in Bangkok, Thailand, to attend Digital Innovation Asia’s Travel Bloggers Match-up, eight pairs of bloggers are exploring one another’s countries in The Big Blog Exchange.

Designed to promote world peace by giving young people a chance to intereact with one another while learning about other cultures, The Big Blog Exchange has been organized by Hostelling International.

An amazing 4,000,100 people around the world have already checked out their exploits on social media.

Swapping Lives

Fully 1,100 bloggers from 172 countries took part in the competition, which attracted 121,000 votes. The 16 winners are swapping lives, cultures, and blogs simultaneously for 10 days with another blogger from another part of the world.

Winning bloggers were paired from the United States and Spain, Israel and Iceland, Singapore and the United Kingdom, Argentina and New Zealand, Brazil and France, the Philippines and Germany, South Africa and Belgium, and Malaysia and Canada


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