Japan: Airline to Strengthen Tokyo Narita’s Role as East – West Transit Hub

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All Nippon Airways of Japan adds flights at Tokyo Narita International in bid to strengthen the airport’s role as a transit hubs for passengers travelling between Asia and North America.

All Nippon Airways will launch a new daily flight linking Tokyo Narita with Houston, Texas, in June 2015, while increasing the number of flights on its existing Narita-Singapore, Narita-Honolulu, and Narita-Bangkok routes in June, July, and August 2015, respectively.

ANA will also launch a new daily flight linking Tokyo Narita with Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in September 2015. The new route will allow passengers to make easier connections with flights to and from North America during the evening at Narita.

The additional flights at Narita are in line with the Japanese airline’s strategy of turning the airport into a major transfer hub for international passengers flying between Asia and North America.

Tokyo Haneda Airport, meanwhile, will act as the hub for passengers transferring between international and domestic Japanese flights.

Larger Aircraft

ANA will also introduce larger aircraft on some of its routes  to satisfy the increased demand for travel.

Some of these changes will result in the introduction of Premium Economy and First Class cabins on some of the routes in Southeast Asia that currently don’t have them.

All Nippon Airways in Japan’s largest airline. It operates 72 international routes and 113 domesstic routes. It has a fleet of 240 aircraft.

The airilne is a member of the Star Alliance. It was named Asia-Pacific Airline of the Year for 2014 by the Center for Aviation.

“ANA has successfully implemented a multi-brand model with the launch of two new low-cost or hybrid carriers and has been at the vanguard of the multi-brand model in this region”, says Peter Harbison, CAPA Executive Chairman.

“Recognizing the importance of participating in the low-cost sector while also continuing to expand the full-service brand has required courage and persistence and ANA has overcome numerous obstacles along the way.”

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