Japan: the Night Before the Flight – Have I Forgotten Anything?

Japanese Travelog Part One

Michael Taylor is flown to Tokyo, Japan, by ANA InterContinental Tokyo, where he spends two nights as part of a press trip for journalists and travel writers from Hong Kong.

Japanese Sophistication

It’s hard to believe that I’m on my way back to Tokyo, Japan, for the second time in just six months. But I can think of worse places to re-visit in such a short time frame. There really IS something VERY special about the Japanese capital!

Simply put, Tokyo is a very sophisticated city, where cutting edge modernity meets ancient temples and tranquil gardens. Best of all, you can’t use your mobile phones on the trains or subways – unless you walk to the spot between carriages.

Do you know why? Because it might annoy the people sitting next to you!!!

Now THAT is what I call having respect for others!!!

I stand corrected! This is what I READ, and I wrote the above before leaving Hong Kong. Now that I have arrived in Tokyo, I have been informed that some people here do the same thing, and many people find it EVERY bit as annoying as I do!

Pre-Departure Anxiety Syndrome

Having said that, while I know that some people envy me my frequent travels, to be honest – it comes at a price. I inevitably get totally stressed out before trips. I have come to think of it as PDAS, or Pre-Departure Anxiety Sydrome.

This is that I’m agonizing over . . .

  • Do I have enough money in my current account to cover my auto pay (I didn’t on my last trip and my electricity was nearly cut off)?
  • Will I wake up on time (I’ve had alarm clocks malfunction)?
  • Will I be able to get a taxi to the airport (on my last trip the driver couldn’t find my flat and I almost missed my flight)?
  • What should I take (I usually take too much, but I inevitably forget something that I need)?

Other than that, I’m REALLY looking forward to my trip!

To Be Continued!


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