Mitsui Kyoto Hotel Opens in Japan

The 300-year-old Kajiimiya Gate serves as entrance to the Mitsui Kyoto Hotel. 

Mitsui Kyoto Hotel occupies a privileged space in the heart of Kyoto, Japan. In fact, it is across the street from Nijo Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has 161 rooms and three food and beverage outlets. In addition, it has numerous uniquely Japanese facilities.

Hotel News

The Luxury Collection, which is part of the Marriott International hotel group, has opened a luxurious new hotel in Kyoto, Japan.

In fact, Hotel the Mitsui Kyoto, is the only luxury grade hotel situated in the heart of the city.

Hotels in the collection are often housed in converted heritage structures. For example, some are converted palaces or castles. And others are renovated older hotels.

Regarding the Mitsui Kyoto Hotel, a heritage gateway was incorporated into the hotel’s unique design.

There are currently more than 110 Luxury Collection hotels and resorts in 35 countries and territories.

Destination Kyoto

Nijo Castle was the residence of the Tokugawa shoguns in Kyoto, who ruled Japan from 1603 to 1868. In fact, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Photo Credit: Eleonora Albasi.

Kyoto is one of Japan’s loveliest cities. In fact, many people think of Kyoto as Japan’s cultural capital.

Consequently, Kyoto is one of the leading tourist attractions in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Not only do Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines dot the city. In addition, there are numerous palaces, gardens, and museums.

In fact, some of them collectively comprise a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Hotel Overview

Reception area of Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto.

The hotel sits at the heart of Kyoto. In fact, it is the only luxury hotel in the centre of town. And it is also the hotel hotel is town drawing thermal waters from its own natural underground hot spring!

Kajiimiya Gate serves at the hotel’s main entrance. The 300-year-old gate  once served as the entrance of an aristocratic family’s lovely estate.

In addition, the hotel is situated across the street from  Nijo Castle, which was built in the 17th-century.  In fact, the castle is a UNESCO World Heritage listed site.

What is more, there are other numerous shrines, palaces, and gardens gardens nearby.


Room with king-size bed.

The hotel’s 161 rooms and suites are fashioned from natural materials. And they all have a bathing areas with spacious bathtubs made from stone.

As for the two Onsen Suites, they have separate living rooms and rooms.

In addition, they both have private gardens and outdoor hot spring baths.

Hotel Food and Beverage Outlets

The Garden Bar..

The hotel two restaurants as well as a bar and lounge. And all of them offer views of the garden.

  • Toki is a teppanyaki restaurant. And the eatery opens for lunch and dinner.
  • Forni is an Italian restaurant. And featured dishes include pizzas and roasts cooked in a wood-burning oven. As an all-day dining eatery, the restaurant opens for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • The Garden Bar features afternoon tea, drinks, and cocktails. And persons under 18 years of age not allowed after 5 pm.

Hotel Facilities

The Garden.
Thermal spring.
Private onsen.
Shiki no ma.

The hotel has some uniquely Japanese facilities. For example, there is a Terminal Spring Spa.

With 1,000 square meters, the spa offers a full menu of spa and wellness treatments.

For example, the spa has a thermal onsen spring. And other facilities include  two private onsen rooms and four spa treatment rooms.

In addition, there is a  fully-equipped gym. Finally, Shiki-No-Ma is a private dining space. And it is perfect for special events.

VIP Sound Bites

Check out what Marriott International top executives have to say about the opening of the Mitsui Kyoto!

Jennie Toh, Vice President, Brand Marketing and Brand Management, Asia Pacific, Marriott International

“Hotel the Mitsui Kyoto  represents the essence of Japan, as framed by the narrative of its history, culture, architecture, crafts and cuisine,” Jennie says.

By “Embracing Japan’s Beauty”, the hotel seeks to express the brand’s concept.

“We have merged tradition and modernity across all aspects of our hotel design, culinary offerings and service. And we look forward to welcoming guests to our hotel, and to usher them into a world of luxury inspired by the beauty and traditions of Japan.”

Hotel Location

Hotel the Mitsui Kyoto284 Nijoaburanokoji-cho, Aburano-koji St. Nijo-sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan.

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