Morgan Parker Gets Company in Thailand

Once into Thailand, investment banker turned philanthropist and adventure seeker Morgan Parker was joined by Wheel2Wheel team member Alan Ng for the next phase of the journey through Thailand and Malaysia. 

Riding as a pair added a new social dimension to Morgan’s epic journey following the solitary nature of his expedition up until then.

Strength in Numbers

A number of group rides followed. Morgan and Alan were welcomed by club riders from Siam Wheels in Thailand, followed by the Harley Owners Group and the BMW Motorrad riders in Malaysia.  

The visit to Baan Gerda, Thailand, home to 86 orphaned children living with HIV/AIDS, was rewarding. It really brought the team up to speed on the current issues.

It also gave them an even greater respect for the transformation that has been achieved in the lives of these vibrant, loving children.  

Another Wheel2Wheel team member, Paige Sinclair of Hong Kong, joined Morgan and Alan in Malaysia, where Women’s Aid Organisation proved to be wonderful hosts to the Wheel2Wheel team. They offered a sobering insight into the prevalence of discrimination and violence against women that still exists in our modern world. 

Thankfully there are champions like Women’s Aid Organisation changing our world for the better, Morgan says.  

Alone on the Road Again

Traveling alone once again, Morgan made his first water crossing, traveling into Indonesia in May. He had to cover long distances over poor quality roads that were both narrow and busy.

Every day riding through Sumatra and Java was a battle for survival.  Having witnessed a few accidents along the roads, Morgan himself finally fell victim to one when he was struck head on by a speeding motorbike that veered across from the opposite side of the road.   

Rest and Recreation

The bright spots were the inspiring work of PanEco – researching and campaigning against destruction of the Sumatran rain forests, with the disastrous multiple effects of deforestation, carbon release from burning of peat swamps, and habitat loss for many species including the Sumatran orang-utans.

Following a few more epic days on the road, Morgan found himself recovering. He met up with his daughter in Bali, courtesy of the W Retreat and Spa.  

Three months into his epic journey and Morgan finds himself right on schedule as he departs the island of Flores.

Next stop will be Timor-Leste, where he will lend his support to the Action for Change Foundation. Then it will be on to his native Australia, where he willl lend his support to NAILSMA.  


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