News Flash! Thailand ‘ s Yellow Shirts Law for Martial Call in Bangkok

The People's Alliance for Democracy has called on the military to declare martial law in the Thai capital.

They fear that the country is heading for civil war. Known as Yellow Shirts, they are opposed to Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva's recently announced plan to dissolve Parliament in September and hold new elections in November.

He made the announcement in an attempt at national reconciliation. The political unrest has caused considerable tension in the country.

The Yellow Shirts are the same ones that closed down both of Bangkok's two airports for several days last year, inconveniencing tens of thousands of people.

In a related develoment, there have been reports that more Red Shirts are gathering in the country's North and Northeast with plans to come to Bangkok and join the anti-government protests that have been crippling the city now for nearly two months.

If the civil unrest continues, the effect on the country's tourism industry will continue to be negative. Hotels, resorts, F&B outlets, shopping malls, and spas have been especially hard hit.


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  1. Just saw a story that there were two incidents of violence late last night (Friday night; it’s about 1245 P.M. Saturday as I write, but I just ran across the story from AP). The report says two police officers were killed and 13 people were injured, though the story doesn’t identify whether the injured were “Red Shirts,” some “other” shirts “Yellow” or “Multi”), or innocent passersby. Here’s the story URL:

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