NFL: Baltimore Ravens Sports Bar Challenge – Who’s #1?

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What is the best Baltimore Ravens sports bar in the nation? We’ve got nominees not only from Maryland, but also from as far afield as California, Colorado, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and Texas.

And maybe there’s a sports bar out there that we havem’t even heard of!

We’re calling on Baltimore Ravens fans to vote to determine who’s Number One!

We’ve uploaded a list of 17 sports bars that Ravens fans have identified as great places to root for the Ravens in our sidebar (look right). To keep things fair, we have listed them in alphabetical order.

Is this list complete? If you know of other sports bars friendly to Baltimore Ravens fans, please send us a message in the message box below – and please include the city – so that we can add it to the list.

Also, please let us know if any of these bars have closed – or are no longer friendly to Ravens fans. Bars close, and sometimes fans migrate to other establishments.

Vote Early and Vote Often!

And please encourage your friends to do the same! We want to get as much Fan Feedback from Baltimore Ravens fans as we can get.

After one week, we will eliminate the sports bars getting the fewest votes – reality TV style – until we have an absolute winner.

(Any sports bars nominated after the competition begins will be given a one week’s “grace period” to catch up.)

We can’t stop fans from voting more than once, so we won’t even try. So vote early and vote often – and encourage your friends to do the same.

“Stuffing the ballot box” is encouraged in this competition!

Your Response Wanted!

If your favourite Baltimore Ravens sports bar is not included on the list, please send us a message in the Message Box below. And don’t forget to include the name of the city – and the address if possible.

It will be given a one week’s “grace period” to catch up.

We would also love to hear comments on your favourite Baltimore Ravens hangout!


21 Replies to “NFL: Baltimore Ravens Sports Bar Challenge – Who’s #1?”

  1. Hey!
    I run the Ravens Club of Chicago. We Watch all games at The George Street Pub in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. We have over 100 people in our club and pack the bar full of purple every Sunday. This year when the Ravens came to play the Bears we even packed 3 busses full of Fans and caravaned down to Soldier Field!
    The George Street Pub welcomes us with open arms and help us host many Baltimore – Themed events. Every summer, we host a Crab Fest there prior to the start of the Football Season. They even have Old Bay for us to put on our fries!
    We are connected with the West Wing in LA and the Orlando Ravens Flock as well. We often send fans in visiting other regions to eachother’s bars so no one is homeless on Sundays!
    We’d love to be added to the list!!

  2. George Street Pub, Chicago!
    We run the Ravens Club of Chicago out of that bar – they are great to us!! From the Old Bay for the fries, to the Crab Feast they help us through each August – these guys are all about Baltimore Sports!

  3. Hey Tiffany!
    Cool! Sorry we missed you! But when we were shortlisting nominees, we didn’t see any “Ravens stuff” on your website! So we thought the name was a “coincidence”!!! Now that we know, you’re UP AND RUNNING!!! Make sure to vote early and vote often! This is all about STUFFING THE BALLOT BOX! MAY THE BEST BAR WIN!!!

  4. I second that! I’m a Ravens season ticket holder who just moved to Chicago, and George Street Pub is home away from home. I feel like I’m back in Baltimore on game days. Huge group of great Ravens fans, a Ravens flag behind the bar, staff decked out in Ravens gear…it is the Nest in the Midwest!

  5. As everyone can see by the voting results, George Street Pub in Chicago is the best Baltimore Ravens bar!!

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