Maldives: Resort Hotel Launches Coral Protection Scheme

Corporate Social Responsibility

Resorts around the world are launching projects to protect the environment as part of a growing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and the Cocoa Island by Como in the Maldives is no exception.

Travelers staying at the Cocoa Island by Como can do their part for environmental protection by sponsoring a coral frame.

Under the Coral Frame Sponsorship Programme, which has been engineered by Seamarc, a marine consultancy based in Malé, new corals are propagated in metal frames by way of a transplantation process, which uses fragments of broken corals that have been harvested from the natural reef.

Growing into New Coral Colonies

These coral fragments are attached to the metal frames and grow into new colonies – with discernible differences within two months of the initial two or three weeks following the transplantation process.  

Travelers staying at the resort that sponsor a coral frame receive personalized images of the new corals every six months so that they can monitor their progress. 

On their next visit to Cocoa Island, they are be taken to the reef to see their sponsored frame up close. The scheme is also open to non-guests, who can sponsor a frame and monitor its progress online.

Supporing Marine Conservation

Coral frame sponsorships cost US$150.00 for a single frame, US$300.00 for a couples frame, and US$500.00 for a family frame. 

Proceeds from each sponsorship go toward an Environment Fund that supports Cocoa Island’s marine conservation research programmes and other local community initiatives.

The initiative is part of a worldwide trend toward corporate social responsiblity on the part of hotels and resorts as well as a growing commitment to sustainable travel and responsible tourism on the part of travelers.

Cocoa Island By Como

Located on a private island, Cocoa Island by Como has 33 suites built on stilts over the water, offering direct access to an exceptional house reef.

The resort is popular with diving and snorkeling enthusiasts as well as travelers committed to responsible travel and sustainable tourism.

The resort has a spa offering Ayurveda, reflexology, and other treatments, a restaurant serving South Indian-inspired cuisine, and a bar overlooking the swimming pool.


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