Philippine Travelogue: Lavish Floor Shows Six Nights a Week

Cebu Adventure Part 13

Michael Taylor spends his final three nights in Cebu at the Plantation Bay Resort & Spa on Mactan Island. Because of a 10.15 pm departure on his final night, he can take in a fourth floor shows while he is there.

A combo doing covers in the lobby bar is standard fare at most of the hotels I stay at in East and Southeast Asia. Other than that, the only entertainment on offer is usually nothing more than watching TV or DVDs – or surfing the net in my hotel room.

One of the things that sets the Plantation Bay Resort & Spa apart from the pack is that it puts on a lavish floor show with a different national theme six nights a week.

The entertainment is accompanied by a buffet, with dishes from the featured country.

And the venue changes from night to night for a welcome change of scenery.

Tapping into Hidden Talent

But what REALLY sets the Plantation Bay Resort and Spa apart from most of the other hotels that I stay at is that most of the performers in the shows are employees of the hotel!

So if that sexy lady with the feathered headdress doing the samba looks like the spa therapist who gave you a shoulder massage in the jacuzzi at the Mogambo Springs Spa earlier in the day, chances are that she is, in fact, the same person.

Not only does this give hotel employees a chance to tap into – and cultivate – their hidden talents. It also gives them a chance to earn extra cash.

Hotel employees get a flat performance fee for each show that they perform in, and that can substiantially boost their monthly income. It also seems to be a great boost to staff morale.

Foreign Travel

As an added bonus, they get to travel abroad once or twice a year to perform in nearby countries such as Korea and Japan.

The performers seem to genuinely enjoy performing before hotel guests. A highlight of each show is allowing guests on stage at the end of the performance to learn some dance steps and then pose for photo shoots.

Hannah Patalinjug (second from left) and Michael Taylor pose with performers at the conclusion of the Hawaiian Luau. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Here’s a quick look of what’s on offer …

Brazilian Fever – some like it hot! From bossa nova to samba, this is Events and Entertainment Coordinator Paige Ginete’s personal favourite.

Hawaiian Luau – rhythmic drumming, fire dancing, and the Hawaiian and Tahitian hula, this is my personal favourite. Expect high cholesterol dishes and more on the buffet table.

Filipino Fiesta – a short course in Filipino culture with songs and dances from around the archipelago. Expect roast pig and more on the buffet table.

Viva España – songs and dances from Spain, Italy, and Latin America. Expect paella and more on the buffet table.

Sahara Nights – belly dancers flash lots of flesh at this musical tribute to the Middle East. Expect kebabs and more on the buffet table.

Rockin’ USA – with apologies to Elvis Presley, the cast of Grease, and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, this is Hotel Managing Director Manny Gonzalez’s personal favourite. Expect barbecued ribs and more on the buffet table.


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