Phuket Challenge: Is It Possible to Spend Eight Days at Luxury Resorts and Not Gain Weight?

Michael Taylor is flying to Phuket in Southern Thailand, where he will spend eight nights at (mostly) five star hotels and resorts.

There will be one exception. Just to keep his feet on the ground, he will stay at one hotel that is targeted at the mass market for two nights during that stay. Is it two star, three star, or four star? Only time will tell.

All of the hotels that Michael will be staying at offer all you can eat breakfast buffets. In addition, Michael will be dining at some of Phuket’s best gourmet restaurants – mostly in the evening.

Michael is hoping that he can skip lunch most days – to make more room for dinner. But that will not always be possible.

And here is the challenge that Michael has set for himself: Can he manage not to gain weight on this trip?

It seems that no matter how hard he tries, Michael always puts on between five and 10 pounds when he travels. And it takes him nearly one year to take off the weight that he put on, on even the shortest trip.

To Be Continued

Copyright: Michael Taylor Pictured: Michael Taylor on the terrace of his private villa at Paresa on Kamala Bay in Phuket, Thailand Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer

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