Phuket Press Trip (Part 3)


Michael Taylor is surprised that – following a sumptuous lunch – there are papayas on board. But they are not for the travel writers and journalists. They are for the monkeys they are going to visit.


Following a sumptuous lunch that ran from Western salads to Thai curries to yummy desserts, boat boys conveyed us in small groups by launch to a nearby karst.

I was surprised that they brought along papayas. Hadn’t we already had enough to eat?

Surely we didn’t need an additional snack for sustenance on this short excursion.

“It’s for the monkeys,” someone informed.

“They’re taking us there to observe the monkeys.”

“Oh,” I said, before diving back into the drink.

By now it was late afternoon. The azure waters had cooled a bit. While the others were exploring the karst or relaxing on the boat, I treaded water. I circumnavigated the boat a couple of times.

I did a few dives from the boat’s stern. I was immersed in the liquid coolness for an hour to 90 minutes before rejoining the others on board.

And then I discovered another way to cool off . . . in the boat’s luxurious living room. It was air-conditioned!

Now, why hadn’t I thought of that earlier? 

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