Thailand: Phuket Press Trip (Part 2)


After we arrived at the Yacht Haven Marina, we were taken to one of the resort’s two yachts.

We boarded one by one. We removed our shoes. We stored our things. We explored our comfy new digs.

The anchor was hoisted, the ropes were untied, and we set sail through the beautiful waters off the coast off Phuket, which were punctuated by imposing outcroppings of karst – or limestone.

I had never heard the term before, but my Oxford American Dictionary defines karst as “a region with underground drainage and many cavities, etc., caused by the dissolution of rock”. All I can say is, the karst that populate the waters between Phuket and Vietnam are breathtakingly gorgeous.

Hot, Hotter, and Hottest

And was it hot! As we sped through the azure waters, I was expecting a breeze to provide some relief. It didn’t come.

“Phuket has three seasons,” a member of staff at the Andara told me.

“Hot, hotter, and hottest.”

She told me that it wasn’t normally this hot in May. April was usually the hottest month of the year in Southern Thailand. She estimated that the temperature was about 42 degrees Centrigrade.

For the metrically challenged, that works out to about 107 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

We imbibed champagne, feasted on snacks, and got to know one another. In addition to the journalists from Hong Kong and Singapore were reporters and a camera crew from Phuket. There were also employees of the hotel and a few friends. It was a very convivial group.

After about an hour, the engines were turned off, we drifted to a stop, and we dropped anchor. I was dying to dive into the sea, but the boat boys warned me of jelly fish.

That put me off. For a while. Finally, I decided to throw caution to the wind and dove off the side of the boat.


The water was even warmer than the air! I did a few strokes. I treaded water for a few minutes. And I returned to the deck, where a sumptuous buffet lunch – with more icy champagne – awaited.

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