American Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

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American style chocolate chip cookies. 


What is the secret behind the yummiest chocolate chip cookies on earth? In fact, it’s not just about their yummy taste. More importantly, it’s the texture that separates average chocolate chip cookies from those “just one more” chocolate chip cookies that make your mouth water. Is there a secret ingredient? Check out this step-by-step recipe from one of the world’s greatest chefs!

The Back Story

I learned how to make American-style Chocolate Chip Cookies at the Media Launch of Dockyard in Kowloon’s Hung Hom district in Hong Kong.

So what is it that makes American-style Chocolate Chip Cookies special? They should be chewy and not brittle! The chocolate should be slightly melted. And they should have a slightly crunchy crust.

The following recipe is from CookieBoy. And these are a couple of the key points I remember from the demonstration: dark brown sugar is the “secret ingredient”: it’s what makes the cookies chewy.

Don’t over-mix the batter.  Three minutes is enough. It doesn’t need to be perfectly smooth (you want some texture).

Always use the best possible ingredients. And always let the batter rest in the fridge, preferably overnight.

The Recipe

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