Restaurant Review: Posada Southwestern Cuisine in Livermore, California

Posada Restaurant in Livermore, California, serves innovative Southwestern cuisine with bold flavours and contemporary touches. The menu runs from tapas to mains to desserts. Open for lunch and dinner, the eatery has indoor and outdoor seating.

A server arrives with the starters.  Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

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Posada Restaurant in Northern California’s sun-drenched Livermore Valley serves an innovative menu of Southwestern dishes, with a decidedly contemporary touch.

There is more to the menu than the typical selection of tacos, tostadas, burritos, and enchiladas.

There are starters with exotic names such as market fresh salmon cerviche to salmon cerviche + olive + Madarin olive + peppadew peppers.

Featured main dishes run from mahi tacos with watermelon salad to carne asada with lump crab salpicon relleno.

Side dishes include grilled kale with bacon, roasted corn Mexican style, open fire vegetables chipotle French fries, and crimini mushrooms.

Desserts include chocolate cake, chimichanga cheese, and other decadent selections.

  • Livermore is 50 miles east of San Francisco and 41 miles east of Oakland. If you are traveling on public transportation, it can be reached on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit),

The Starters …

Parmesan Crust Cauliflower. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Parmesan Crust Cauliflower – Tempura crust florets tossed in Parmesan cheese with rushed red pepper, almond, and seasoned with lemon juice. US$12.

I have never been a fan of cauliflower, but this dish has made me a convert. It was both crunchy and flavourful.

Guacamole + Chipotle-Rub Open Fire Shrimp. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Guacamole + Chipotle-Rub Open Fire Shrimp – fresh avocado mixed with salsa fresca and citrus juices atop a basil-cilantro slaw, served with tostadas and warm tortillas. US$18.

OMG! Dipping grilled shrimp in chunky guacamole? Talk about comfort food!

The Main Courses …

Mignon Campechano (left) and Braised Short Ribs Enchiladas + Blackberry Mole (right). Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Mignon Campechano – beef tenderloin saute with Mexican chorizo and adobo pork loin simmered in New Mexico chile rojo with carrots and potatoes, served in a bed of safrron rice and charred corn, garnished with cilantro and onion. US$27

Big chunks of meat in that mouthwatering sauce – WOW! Loved mixing the gravy with the rice!

Braised Short Ribs Enchiladas + Blackberry Mole – served with grilled kale with bacon, queso frescom,  and pickled cauliflower relisho, and served with pureed black beans. US$25.

Mole is a sauce made with chili peppers and chocolate, which can be an acquired taste. It has always fascinated me, and the introduction of blackberries elevated it to a new level. This dish sang!

The Desserts …

Churros with Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce (left) with Sweet Corn Tamale de Elote (right). Churros with Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce (left)

Churros with Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce – stuffed with egg custard and rolled in cinnamon sugar. US$7.

Sweet Corn Tamale de Elote with Strawberries  – corn dough steamed in corn husk served with strawberries.

Pure decadence! The texture was quite unusual!

The Owner and the Chef …

Eduardo Posada (left) with Michael Taylor. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Eduardo Posada is the owner and head chef at Posada Restaurant. A native of New Mexico, he opened the restaurant with his wife, Blanca, several years ago.

The Company …

Here I am (left) with Shari LaRocque, Vice President/Marketing, Flip2Agency.

My dining companion for the evening was Shari LaRocque of Flip2Agency.

We had a VERY enjoyable conversation over a VERY yummy meal!

The Verdict …

I’m pretty well versed in California-style Mexican food and Tex-Mex, but this was the first time I had tried what I assume is authentic Southwestern cuisine.

I must say, I did not know what I was missing! I thought the food was great. Not only that, the servers were VERY friendly and VERY professional.

If I am ever in the Livermore Valley again, I would love to try some of the restaurant’s other dishes.

I’ll give this eatery an enthusiastic TWO thumbs up!

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Posada Restaurant – 988 Murrieta Blvd, Livermore, California. Tel: (925) 606-1004.

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