Shama Lakeview Asoke Bangkok: Review

Shama Lakeview Asoke Bangkok has a branch of The Coffee Club adjacent to its main entrance. Photo Credit: Accidental Travel Writer.

Where to Stay in Bangkok

Shama Lakeview Asoke Bangkok has spacious serviced apartments with kitchenettes, balconies, and washer-driers. The hotel has a large swimming pool, an excellent gym, three F&B outlets, a spa, and a kids club. Suitable for both short- and long-term guests.

Why I’m Here …

Because I needed a break from Hong Kong, I booked a round-trip ticket on AirAsia to Bangkok, where I planned on spending four weeks.

After spending two nights at a friend’s house, I ventured out on my own.

First, I stayed at four hotels in the Thai capital. Then I moved to Pattaya, where I stayed at four more hotels.

Finally, I returned to Bangkok, spending my final two nights at yet another hotel in the Big Mango.

So I got to experience a total of nine hotels during my one-month stay in the Land of Smiles. They ranged from small boutique properties to serviced apartments and five-star resorts.

My Arrival at  Shama Lakeview Asoke

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-entrance (2).jpg


Following two nights at the Lancaster Bangkok, I grabbed Grab to the Shama Lakeview Asoke Bangkok, a stylish two-tower complex of serviced apartments.

Primarily, they are targeted at long-staying guests. However, short-term guests are also welcome.

While I was checking in, a member of staff offered me a welcome drink. After formalities were complete, I made my way through the stylish lobby and up to my room.

The Lobby at Shama Lakeview Asoke

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-lobby (2)

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-lobby (5).jpg


th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-lobby (3)

Unlike the cavernous lobbies of many five-star hotels, the lobby of the Shama Lakeview Asoke was divided into four contiguous sections. This lent a welcome sense of intimacy.

First, there was the section where hotel guests checked in. The front desk was directly in front of the carriage entrance.

Then there were sitting areas, a co-working space with a bank of computers, and a lobby bar serving coffee and various other beverages.

Another entrance opened directly onto the sidewalk in front of the hotel.

My Room at Shama Lakeview Asoke

I stayed in room 910, a Studio Lakeview measuring approximately 50 square meters.

The room featured an open plan. There was a kitchenette with a dining room table and a washing machine at the end nearest the door.

At the other end of the room was a living and sleeping area.

The apartment featured a restful brown, beige, cream, and blue colour scheme. There were hardwood floors with an attractive area rug.

The Living Space …

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-room-910 (1).jpg

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-room-910 (8).jpg


The living space had a king-size bed with nightstands on either side. There were three large closets along one wall.

At the end of the bed was a three-seat sofa. There were two circular coffee tables and a TV console topped with a flat screen television.

As a travel blogger, I spend much of my time on line. So I loved the convenient work station, where I set up my laptop computer.

Most important, the space was well-lit. Not only that, there were universal electrical outlets on the wall, just behind where the computer went. So I didn’t have to get down on my hands and knees to plug in my computer and other devices.

The Kitchen …

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-room-910 (4)

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-room-910 (9).jpg

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-dinner (3)

The open kitchen had ample cupboard space and drawers. There was a microwave oven, a two-burner electric stove, coffee-making equipment, and a sink.

The kitchen was stocked with pots, pans, dishes, and cutlery. Dish washing liquid was also provided.

Most impressive was the full-size refrigerator. It has an ample freezing compartment.

On my second night, I invited a friend over for dinner. We shopped at a nearby Foodland supermarket, prepared dinner in the kitchen, and ate on the kitchen table.

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-room-910 (5)There was a combination washer-drier. As I’ve discovered at many of the serviced apartments I’ve stayed in over the years, it was not easy to use.

In fact, I had to ask an engineer to show me how to operate it. I really wish hotels with wash-driers would provide an instruction manual!

The Bathroom …

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-room-910 (3).jpg

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-room-910 (2).jpg

The bathtub was finished in what appeared to be Italian marble and white tiles. There was a combination shower-bathtub.

The View …

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-pool (4).jpg

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-view (16).jpg

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-view (12).jpg

My balcony had a nice view of the swimming pool, with the Bangkok skyline across Benjakitti Lake in the distance..

The Breakfast Options at Shama Lakeview Asoke

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-coffee-club (1)

In addition to the lobby bar, the Shama Lakeview Asoke Bangkok had two food and beverage outlets. A Western style coffee house was located in Tower A. An Asian style cafe was located in Tower B.

Hotel guests whose tariff included breakfast could eat at either eatery.

I had breakfast at the coffee house on the first morning. On the second morning, I ate at the cafe.

The Coffee Club

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-coffee-club (3)

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-coffee-club (6)

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-coffee-club (7)

The Coffee Club was located in the hotel’s Tower A. It served a la carte breakfasts, sandwiches, freshly brewed coffee, and other drinks.

There were a handful of set breakfast options that were included in the tariff. In addition, there were several other options, which I would have had to pay extra for.

Of the complimentary options, only one was available on the morning of my visit. The others had already sold out.

Cool Chili Restaurant

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-cool-chilli (8)

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-cool-chilli (5)

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-cool-chilli (1)

Cool Chili Restaurant was situated in the hotel’s Tower B. It served a buffet at breakfast and a la carte dishes at lunch and dinner.

The breakfast buffet included both Thai and international dishes. The menu at lunch and dinner ran from Thai and Japanese to seafood and international.

The Facilities at Shama Lakeview Asoke

The Shama Lakeview Asoke had a full-service spa, an indoor golf driving range, and a kids playroom.

Other facilities included a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a mini-mart – all of which I  made ample use of.

The Swimming Pool …


th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-pool (6)

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-pool (5)

The outdoor swimming pool was long enough to do laps in and deep enough for buoyancy. The depth also kept the water comfortably cool.

There were lounge chairs, umbrellas, and semi-enclosed cabanas.

The pool kept unusually long hours. It was open from 6 am to 12 midnight.

The Gym …

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-gym (9)

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-gym (6)

th-bkk-shama-lakeview-asoke-gym (4)

The hotel didn’t need to use trick photography in make the gym look larger than it really was.

In fact, the gym was spacious and well equipped! There were numerous LifeFitness resistance training machines as well as free weights.

There were also several cardio-vascular machines with a view of the swimming pool.

A ping-pong table rounded out the fitness options. The gym was open 24 hours a day.

The Mini Mart …


Because hotel minibars generally charge far more for things than if you bought  them at a mini-mart, they are a massive rip-off.

Not only that, sometimes the stuff in hotel mini-bars is well-past its sell-by date.  And trick packaging often leads you to believe that there is more inside than there really is.

Therefore, one of the things I take into consideration when I evaluate a hotel is whether there are any all-night mini-marts nearby.

Not only is there a mini-mart close to the Shama Lakeview Asoke, there is actually one right inside Tower A.

And because it has both an entrance opening onto the street and another one leading into the lobby, it has an abundant product range.

The Location …

th-bkk-sukhimvit-16-street-scene (1) (9)

th-bkk-sukhimvit-16-street-scene (1) (7)The hotel is located along a stylish strip of Sukhimvit 16 lined with coffee houses, cafes, bars, and pubs.

Inconspicuous in their absence are girlie-bars asking passers-by if they would like a good time.

However, on the walk to the BTS and MRT interchange, numerous street hawkers set up stalls selling fresh fruit, snacks, and beverages.

There are even a few pop-up, sit-down sidewalk cafes.

The walk to the transit interchange takes about 10 to 15 minutes – longer if you decide to stop for a snack along the way.

If you want to prepare dinner in your room, a 24-hour Foodland supermarket is three minute walk from the hotel.

The Verdict …

I’ll give this property two enthusiastic thumb’s up! My room was spacious,  comfortable, and attractive.

Because I’m an avid swimmer and a fitness buff, I appreciated the large swimming pool and well-equipped gym.

The on-site mini-mart and proximity to a 24-hour supermarket were added draws.

The only draw-back, in fact, was the long walk to a skytrain or subway station.


Shama Lakeview Asoke Bangkok – No 41 Sukhumvit 16, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok, Thailand, Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand.

The hotel is a 10 to 15-minute walk to the Sukhumvit MRT station and Asoke BTS station. It is a five to 10 minute walk to Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.

Depending on traffic, the hotel is a 45 minute drive to Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK). It is a 36 minute drive to Don Mueang International Airport (DMK).

Check room rates and availability now!

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