Singapore: Hotel Group Launches New Hotel Concept


Shangri-La launches a new hotel concept in Singapore with the first Hotel Jen. An additional 9 Hotel Jens will open in major Asia Pacific cities by March 2015.

Shangri-La Hotels is rebranding its Traders Hotels into Hotel Jens. The first Hotel Jen will open in Singapore in late August 2014.

An additional 10 Hotel Jens will be launched in major cities throughout the Asia Pacific between September 2014 and March 2015.

The hotels will be located in Hong Kong; Brisbane, Australia; Penang, Malyasia; Johor Bahru, Malayasia; Manila, Philippines; Maldives; Beijing, China; and Shenyang, China.

“The Traders brand has had a 30-year history of success in generating solid business, carving out a niche amidst a highly competitive industry and building a loyal base of customers,” says Greg Dogan, President and CEO of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts.

“However, we are looking to the future and – based on extensive consumer research and insight into the way our target market lives and travels, including talking and listening to our customers – we are recognising and responding to the global travel trends and particular needs of this new generation traveller. This will keep us relevant and competitive for the next 20 years to come.”

Virtual Persona

The name ‘Jen’ is meant to embody the ‘virtual persona’ of someone that ‘loves life, travel, and the adventure of discovering new places’.

Hallmarks of the brand will include informed and friendly service as well as free WiFi and convenient mobile charging stations throughout hotels.

Food and beverage outlets will focus on ingredients that are both fresh and local.

And check this out. If you’ve ever had to forego breakfast because of an early flight, you will love this. There will be complimentary coffee and snack boxes to go after breakfast as well as takeaway kiosks.


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