Sports: Golden State Warriors, 2015 NBA Champions!

National Basketball Association

Celebrations erupt in Oakland, California, as the Golden State Warriors win game 6 of the NBA finals, bringing the city its first championship since the Oakland A’s swept the San Francisco Giants in the 1989 World Series.

The Golden State Warriors win the National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals, giving Oakland its first championship in a generation – and the Warriors their first championship since 1975.

It has been a long time coming. Forty years to be exact.

But – following season after season of disappointment, the Oakland-based Golden State Warriors – who arguably have the most loyal and the loudest basketall fans in the in the country (which means the world) – have completed a dream season, emerging as 2015 champions of the National Basketball Association.

How sweet it is!

Celebrations erupted throughout the city as basketball fans poured out of bars and restaurants and homes. “Is this real?” one fan asked.

Yes, baby! This is real! The Golden State Warriors are the champions! Does this mean I can finally get my hands on a blue and gold jersey?

I’ve been looking for one for weeks, and none of the shops where I live have had any in stock.

Victory Parade Route

A  victory parade through downtown Oakland will be held Friday morning (19 June 2015), beginning at  10 am, and I must commend the organizers for the route chosen because it will show off the city in its  best possible light.

The parade will begin at Broadway and 11th Street , continuing north on Broadway, a.k.a. the Canyon of Champions, before turning right on Grand Avenue.

The parade will turn right on Harrison Street to Lakeside Drive, which becomes Oak Street, along the shores of Oakland’s beautiful Lake Merritt.

The parade will continue to the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center for a victory rally. Fans can start lining up at 5 am.

BART will run extra trains through Oakland Friday and will modify routes to accommodate crowds for the parade and rally, the team says.

Regional Solidarity

In a show of regional solidarity, the mayors of both Oakland and San Francisco will be in attendance. Which raises an important question – are the Warriors REALLY going to move across the bay?

Winning a championship and losing a team is something Oakland sports fans have suffered before. In 1981, the Oakland Raiders defeated the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 27-10 to win the NFL championship. The football team moved to Los Angeles the following year.

But enough on that for now. I’ll address that issue in a future post – after the celebrations die down.

Let’s just savour the moment – and celebrate the victory. Way to go Warriors – your 2015 NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION CHAMPIONS!!!


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