Sports: Raider Fans Rally in Support of Coliseum City

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Oakland Raiders fans roared their approvel as the Oakland City Council voted 6-0 to extend the planning period for Coliseum City, which is aimed at keeping the city’s three professional sports franchises from leaving town.

The vote came in the wake of news that a Middle Eastern investor with deep pockets was interested in investing in the ambitious project, which would transform land around the Black Hole, a.k.a. the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, into a world class venue for sports, entertainment, housing, and technology.

Homes, a bowling alley, an ice skating rink, offices, a five star hotel, bars, restaurants, and retail could all be a part of the eclectic mix.

There could also be as many as three sports venues: stadiums for football and baseball and an arena for such indoor sports as basketball and ice hockey.

Coliseum City would cover roughly 800 acres. It would be bounded by 66th Avenue to the north, San Leandro Street to the east, Hegenberger Road to the south, and San Leandro Bay and Oakland International Airport to the west.

Do They Know the Way to San Jose?

The Golden State Warriors have announced plans to move to San Francisco when their lease at the Oakland Coliseum Arena expires, and the current owners of the Oakland A’s have long expressed a desire to re-locate the celebrated baseball team to San Jose.

Could they be pursuaded by to stay put?

The Oakland Raiders have indicated a clear desire to remain in the city, but that is contingent on the city building a new football-only stadium at the current site.

“The Coliseum City project will transform an entire area of Oakland, creating thousands of new jobs and a regional destination,” said Oakland Mayor Jean Quan in a statement released after the council vote.

Transit Oriented Development

“It stands to be the largest transit-oriented development project in California and among the most exciting development sites in the nation. It will provide the Oakland Raiders with the world-class stadium they deserve as well as other sports, hotel, entertainment, and retail venues. And as it produces jobs for our residents, it will also expand our local tax base and build the revenue we need to grow public safety and other important services for our community.”

Councilmember Larry Reid, who represents East Oakland, where Coliseum City would be located, issued the following statement: “I assure you that even if it appears that our backs are against the wall, this ENA and extension of the ENA will allow us to come closer to retaining many if not all of our sports franchises in Oakland.” 

Perhaps Dr. Death put it best on his radio show, when he said, “I just know that this is good!”

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